It's NEVER Too Late to Start, from Retirement to Subscription Box Owner | EP 158

interviews podcast Apr 24, 2024

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“It’s never too late to get started.” - Bev Schweigert

Do you think you’re too old to start a business? Do you worry it’s too late to pivot and do something you’re truly passionate about? Something that could make a huge difference in the lives of you and your family? 

It’s not too late. It’s never too late. I say it often, but sometimes it takes hearing it from somebody else before it really sinks in. 

Get ready to be inspired as I introduce you to Bev Schweigert, owner of Blessed Be Boutique and member of Launch Your Box. 

Bev “retired” more than six years ago and spent six months wondering what to do next. Her Christian faith is central to her life and part of living that for Bev was going on a mission trip to Peru. Bev needed to raise some money to fund that trip and ended up selling Christian jewelry to do so. Soon after, the pandemic hit and Bev’s online jewelry sales skyrocketed. But, once life started to get back to normal, sales started to slow way down. 

Bev knew that if she wanted to keep growing her business, she needed to find ways to bring more of her target customers into her world - that meant attracting more Christian women. Bev had been journaling and started a Facebook group for women to reflect on scripture and journal along with her. She went Live in the group 5 days a week and just spent time serving her audience. Soon they started asking her to sell the products she was using - her journal and journaling supplies. 

Bev did even more. She developed a creative devotional that includes crafts, poetry, songs to listen to, and more. She turned the idea of a devotional or journal into a true experience for Christian women. And it was a hit! 

Soon, Bev started creating one-time devotional boxes - the first was inspired by her memories of summer camp. It included crafts to go along with the devotionals and all the supplies her customers needed to complete them. These boxes sold very well, inspiring Bev to create additional one-time boxes for holidays. 

Before long, Bev started thinking about starting a subscription box. A friend and fellow business owner happened to be a member of Launch Your Box and encouraged Bev to join. 

Bev didn’t just join Launch Your Box. She jumped in with both feet, going through the training and implementing what she learned. Bev followed the launch plan I teach inside Launch Your Box and launched her bimonthly box - the Creative Blessings Club, on December 26, 2023. 

The results? Bev sold out her first launch with 80 subscribers! And when she opened back up in time for the next box, she sold out again, adding 45 more subscribers for a total of 130. That’s right - Bev passed the 100 subscriber mark on only her second box! She’ll open back up for box number three very soon and hopes to add 45 more subscribers. 

There is so much about Bev’s story that inspired me and will inspire you. And part of that is her age. See, Bev is 61. She started her business when she was 55. A lot of people think they’re “too old” to start a subscription box business or any type of small business. If that sounds like you, Bev has a message for you. “It’s never too late to get started!” 

Bev has big goals for 2024. She wants to double what she did last year in sales, and she’s already off to a strong start. Bev is having so much fun with her business - including her subscription box - that she can’t imagine not working. Which is a good thing, since her husband hopes to retire soon thanks to the success of Blessed Be! 

It doesn’t matter if you are in your 30s, 40s, 50s, or beyond….it’s never too late to start your subscription box business.  This episode is going to inspire the heck out of you.  


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