How to Use Short Video to Build Your Subscription Box Audience

blog social media strategies Feb 05, 2023

Learn why short video needs to be a big part of your subscription box audience building strategy.


I talk a LOT about the importance of audience building for subscription box business owners. And it’s not just important when you’re starting out. Audience building needs to be on the top of your to-do list all the time. 

Bringing new people into your world to feed the top of your sales funnel is a must. It’s a must when you’re just getting started and it keeps being a must if you want to grow your business. 

Did you know industry conversion rates average 1.5 - 5%? That means for every 100 people who see your stuff online, somewhere between 1 and 5 of them will buy it. 

And that means that in order to launch and grow a successful subscription box business, you need to get more and more people to your website looking at your offer. 

Is it any wonder audience building was the hottest topic during the first year of the Launch Your Box podcast? Listen to episode 50 to learn more



One of the best ways to build your audience is through the use of short videos. Short videos can be used for Instagram or Facebook stories, Instagram reels, TikTok videos, and more. They can even be turned into Facebook video ads. 

Today I’m going to share tips and strategies to help you use short video to grow your audience. 


Learn from a short video “pro.”   

Launch Your Box and Scale Your Box member Tamara Bennett also happens to be one of my biz besties (those people we all need in our lives who just get what it means to be a business owner). Tamara used video to help build an amazing business for herself, teaching women how to paint door hangers. 

The subscription box part of her business is new and it’s growing FAST! Learn how Tamara went from 0-200 subscribers in only EIGHT days by listening to episode 76 of the Launch Your Box podcast.  



A huge part of the reason Tamara’s first launch was so successful was the fact that she already had a large, highly engaged audience. An audience she built largely through video.  

Tamara understands the different types of short video and the purpose for each and she uses them to continue to grow her audience and build strong connections with them. 


Use Instagram & Facebook stories to engage your current audience. 

Instagram and Facebook stories are videos that only your current followers see. This makes them a great way to go deeper with those people who have already told you, “Yes, I want to know more about you.” 

Stories allow you to build a stronger connection with your followers. Share more about your business and even your personal life - but only what you’re comfortable sharing. 



Some great ideas for stories include: 

  • Taking your audience behind the scenes. People LOVE seeing what it takes to run your business. Take them behind the scenes on packing day or open a shipment of new products with them. Giving them little peeks into your business makes them feel part of it. 
  • Show them the making of your product. Are you a maker? Videos that show you making your product are a GREAT way to further engage your customers. Launch Your Box member Betsy does hand lettering and makes wax seals. She makes amazing videos of her simply lettering or creating a wax seal that her audience loves. 
  • Share the details of your daily life with them. Again, share only what you’re comfortable sharing. But letting your audience get to know YOU as a person helps build a connection with you as a business owner. 



Use Instagram reels to gather new customers.   

When your goal is to reach out and build a bigger community, you want to create Instagram reels. Reels allow your content to be seen by people who are not currently following you. 

Create content for reels that will attract your ideal customer. Show them who you are and what you offer. Speak their language. 

  • Keep reels relatable. Funny works! Be yourself - stay relaxed and have fun with it. 
  • Build a connection. Use video to give the viewer a “that’s just like my life” moment. 
  • Invite the viewer into your world. Use video to give viewers a peek inside your daily work and personal life.



Think about how you watch reels. If you’re anything like me, if you watch a reel and like it, you’ll click on the person’s profile and watch more of their reels. This gives them even more chances to connect with you and bring you into their audience as a follower. 


Use Tik Tok to get people to consume more videos faster.

Tamara loves using Tik Tok. And she is really good at it. Tik Tok viewers want short, attention-grabbing videos that teach and entertain. 

Tik Tok  is a great way to get people to consume more of your content quickly. Once a viewer likes one of your videos, they are likely to consume more. Which means you’re able to build your know, like, trust factor quickly. 

Tik Tok videos are great for: 

  • Behind the scenes 
  • Packing a box
  • Product reveals
  • Answering audience questions on camera 

Getting in on current Tik Tok trends can be fun and is a great way to get more video views. Have fun with it! 


You don’t need special video or audio equipment to do short video well. Tamara and I both use our phones to create short videos. You can record them on your phone and then edit them inside the platforms. They make it easy for you! Hear more of Tamara’s tips and strategies in episode 37 of the Launch Your Box podcast



I know being on camera can be intimidating. But it’s so important to build connections with your current audience and get in front of new people. Remember, you’re here to serve. The videos you create aren’t actually about you, they’re about the people they will help.

Short video is the perfect way to start overcoming fears of being on camera by putting yourself out there in a smaller way. Commit to using short video as part of your audience building strategy! 

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