Ask Sarah: How to Grow Your Subscription Past the Plateau | EP 69

interviews podcast May 11, 2022



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Welcome to episode four of my eight-part series on the podcast called, “Ask Sarah.” Each week, I’ll be answering a question from inside my Launch Your Box coaching membership. 

This week Traci Gibson of Print Cut Craft and I tackled the question of how to grow a subscription past a plateau. 

Traci started her business ten years ago, selling printables and teaching classes at scrapbooking conferences. When she (and her family) got tired of all the weekend travel, Traci took her scrapbook kits online. She pivoted and her business evolved as she listened to what her customers wanted and served their needs. In 2020, Traci started teaching LIVE workshops online and selling craft kits to go with them. This has been a huge boost to her business and led to a membership where members craft with Traci each month using their Cricut machines and her svg files. 

Traci thought about starting a subscription box for a while. She joined Launch Your Box and watched and learned. When she decided to take action and launched her box, her membership was the perfect audience for her subscription, and it grew quickly. For a while. Then came the plateau. Traci’s growth slowed and then stopped. She has hit a plateau and reached out for my help to get past it.  

We talked through some possible reasons Traci’s subscription box growth has slowed and recommended some steps for Traci to take to jumpstart her growth. She needs to: 

  1. Shake things up - make it new and fresh for her audience. 
  2. Reduce churn by increasing retention and decreasing involuntary churn. 
  3. Up the exclusivity factor of her subscription. 
  4. Get in front of new audiences. 

With a clear plan and specific action steps to take, Traci feels confident her subscription will start to grow again. I can’t wait to hear about the growth she sees as a result of making these changes.   

Join me for this episode as Traci and I talk about something nearly every subscription owner experiences - hitting a plateau. A plateau is a reminder that we need to constantly be learning and growing as subscription box owners. And that sometimes we need to change what we’re doing in order to continue to grow.


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