Ask Sarah: How to Get People to Engage on Social Media | EP 68

podcast social media strategies May 04, 2022


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Welcome to the third installment of my eight-part series on the podcast called, “Ask Sarah.” Each week, I’ll be answering a question from inside my Launch Your Box coaching membership. 

This week Lexie Haubert of The Crafty Lady Boutique and I tackled the question of how to get people to engage with her content on social media. 

Lexie’s online business came about when she was unable to find bridal party gifts she liked while planning her own wedding and instead created her own. When she received incredibly positive feedback about her creations, she decided to take them online. The result? Her Etsy store ranks in the top 1% of all bridal sellers in the world! In addition to one-time boxes and individual gifts, Lexie offers a monthly subscription box for brides who are planning a wedding. 

Like all wedding-related businesses, The Crafty Lady Boutique was greatly impacted by the pandemic. Things are on a definite upswing and Lexie is focusing her efforts on regaining and further growing her business. But the lack of social media engagement is holding her back. 


When someone is struggling to get engagement on social media, I am usually able to identify the cause easily. The problem might be: 

  • Lack of followers
  • Lack of consistency 
  • An issue with the quality of photos or videos
  • An issue with the product itself 


In Lexie’s case, NONE of these is the problem. She has a good number of followers. She has been posting consistently for the past several months. Her images and videos are GREAT. And her products? Well, let’s just say there’s a reason she’s in the top 1% of her category! 

So what is the issue? Why aren’t Lexie’s followers engaging with her content? 

No one is seeing her stuff. She’s not getting in front of the RIGHT people - brides. When people don’t engage with your content, it hurts the algorithm and even fewer people see it. Lexie needs to find more of the right people. She needs to find more brides. 


I asked more questions and came up with an action plan for Lexie that includes: 

  1. Picking a day and time to go LIVE each week. 
  2. Teasing something that’s coming up on the LIVE in a post and an email. 
  3. Getting her friends to show up to her LIVES to ask questions that generate conversations. 
  4. Boosting one post per week. 
  5. Finding more brides by holding quarterly giveaways and getting active inside bridal groups.  
  6. Serving her audience by creating content that establishes her as a wedding authority. 


With this new plan in place, Lexie knows what she needs to do to find new brides and attract more of the right people. And once they discover the great products she’s offering, the rest will take care of itself!  

Join me for this episode as Lexie and I dig deep into what really drives engagement on social media. It’s more than having pretty pictures of great products. Discover easy-to-implement strategies to attract the right followers and increase your engagement, too.  


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