How To Find Niche-Specific Products For A Subscription Box

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Discover the best ways to find niche-specific products for your subscription box business at wholesale prices.

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Choosing the perfect items for your subscription boxes — the ones you know will create the perfect experience for your subscribers — is one of the most fun things about owning a subscription box. It’s also one of the most challenging. When you niche down and get really specific about who you serve - and you should - finding those perfect items gets tougher. 

Finding niche-specific products for a subscription box isn’t only a new subscription box owner challenge. I am always on the hunt for fun, fresh products to include in my Monogram Box™

The key is finding vendors and manufacturers who supply the type of items you need. Once you do, you’ll know where to go and who to buy from.



A member of Launch Your Box who has a pregnancy subscription box was struggling to find organic skincare items for her subscribers. When she asked for help inside the group, I put together a list of what I do when I’m sourcing new products to help her. These tips will help any subscription box owner struggling with sourcing products. 


1. Subscribe to a box with similar products.

Do your research. Find subscription boxes that include items similar to what you want to include in your box and subscribe to them. Look for boxes that feature a good variety of products and brands. If you are going to add them to your subscription, you’ll want to test those products out!

Subscribing to other boxes and sampling products is market research. It’s an effective way to get ideas for items to include in your box as well as figure out the brands you like. While researching similar niches, note the pricing and the contents to keep in mind as you determine your pricing.



2. Search for websites where you can apply to buy wholesale.

Get on that Google machine and search for product wholesale options using niche-specific keywords. You don't want to buy products at retail prices. 

When you find sites you like, you can apply to become a wholesaler. Sometimes, the application is linked at the top of the page, but a link to learn how to apply may also be located in the footer.

In order to purchase wholesale, you will need a reseller certificate. Make sure your business is registered before you apply to become a wholesaler.


3. Go to Market and Trade Shows.

Do some research to find niche-specific markets or trade shows. Use all keyword terms for your niche. To answer my Launch Your Box member’s question about where to find organic skincare products, I searched "health and beauty trade show" and "skincare markets." 

For my own subscription box, I regularly attend the Total Gift & Home Market in Dallas, Texas. I spend a few busy, tiring, yet fun and valuable days there each year. Market is the best place to see what trends are coming, meet new vendors, and build relationships with vendors whose products I love using in my subscription boxes.



Markets happen all over the country at different times of the year. Check out the links below for dates and details about each specific market.

You can find Markets for a wide variety of niches. The ABC Show is a Kids’ Expo. If you have a subscription box for children, this could be a great place to visit to find vendors and source products.

Check out this blog post for more about making the most out of your trip to Market.


4. Buying wholesale on Etsy

Etsy has makers who sell their items wholesale. This can be an especially good option for anyone looking for custom designs or those who have smaller subscription numbers.



When on the Etsy website, make sure to start your search with "Etsy wholesale" to find bulk sale items. For example, if you search "Etsy wholesale organic skincare," you’ll find all the makers selling organic skincare in gross quantities. Then, if you find that you like all the products from one maker, you can start ordering regularly from them and building a business relationship!


5. Faire/Tundra/Abound

If you’re not able to go to a Market or Trade Show, no need to worry. You can bring online markets and trade shows to you. Faire, Tundra, and Abound are great places to find a wide variety of wholesale goods for your subscription box. I use them a lot and have success finding what I need. 

These sites are organized by category which makes sorting through all the vendors and their offerings a lot easier. From apparel, to home decor, to food & drink, and items for children, you’ll find it all and more.



Curating the perfect box can be time-consuming, but once you get past the overwhelm, it is so much fun! If you’re still in the planning stages, start with my FREE 6 in 60 Workshop and plan out six months' worth of boxes. Then come back to this blog for help finding those perfect items!

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