How I Generated $20k in Extra Revenue with a Holiday Gift Box | EP 94

holiday podcast Nov 02, 2022



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Every year for the last five years I’ve sold a Holiday Gift Box. This year was no different. What was different was that my Holiday Gift Box sold out in only four days! And it brought $20,000 in extra revenue into my business. 

Should you offer a Holiday Gift Box to your audience? Yes! If you already have a subscription box, you should absolutely offer a Holiday Gift Box. And if you have an audience but haven’t launched your subscription box yet, you should also offer a Holiday Gift Box. 

Many members of Launch Your Box have used a Holiday Gift Box for proof of concept before launching. Members like Nicole who launched a one-time holiday box for guinea pig owners. When it was a HUGE hit, she knew she could launch her subscription box with confidence. She now has hundreds and hundreds of monthly subscribers and won a major subscription box industry award earlier this year. 

My process for launching a one-time Holiday Gift Box was simple and it started before I had any idea what I was going to put in the box: 

  • I set up a waitlist page in September.
  • I set up a waitlist in my text app in September. 
  • I built up excitement that my Holiday Gift Box was coming and drove people to the waitlist. 
    • LIVES
    • Social posts
  • One day before the launch I sent one email to the waitlist and one text to the text waitlist offering them first dibs. 
  • Launch day started with a LIVE during which I generated feelings of: 
    • Scarcity
    • Exclusivity
    • Urgency 
  • I started running ads on launch day. 
  • I sent one email to my entire email list. 
  • I sent one text to my entire text list. 
  • I posted twice on social media about the box. 
  • I changed my Facebook header. 

By the end of day one, I had sold over half the boxes. 

  • On day two, I resent the email to non openers and posted about the boxes on social media twice. 
  • By day three, I only had 100 boxes left. I sent a last chance email to any non openers who hadn’t purchased and posted on social media once. 
  • On day four - the last day of the launch - I mentioned the Holiday Gift Box on a LIVE and posted about it once. 

I sold out of all my Holiday Gift Boxes on day four! Oh, and I did all of this without having any product in hand. 

Join me for this episode as I share what a Holiday Gift Box can do for your business and walk you through my simple, four-day Holiday Gift Box launch plan. 


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