From the Food Network to Starting a Subscription Box Business | EP 103

interviews podcast Jan 04, 2023


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I’ve got some star power for you on this episode of the Launch Your Box podcast! Lauren Jacobs, a.k.a The Cheerful Baker, is a member of Launch Your Box and the creator and curator of a successful cookie decorating subscription box. She’s also one of the stars of a recent episode of The Christmas Cookie Challenge on The Food Network!

There is so much to love about Lauren’s story and how she went from being a mom and art teacher who loved to bake cookies for her children’s classmates and friends to a full-time entrepreneur who designs and produces her own cookie cutters, an online and in-person cookie decorating instructor, and a successful subscription box owner. Oh, and there’s the whole competing on a cookie decorating competition on The Food Network thing, which is of course the holy grail of any cook or baker. 

I talk a lot about the importance of knowing your why, keeping your why in mind as you start, launch, and grow your subscription box business, and sharing your why with your audience. Lauren does all of that. Her why is part of what makes her story special and it will speak to the heart of any parent who has had a child who struggles in school. 

Lauren also shared how she used short videos to build and engage with her audience. She understood early the power video would have in helping her stand out from all the other cookie decorators on Instagram. By maintaining a strong focus on her why and the needs of her audience, Lauren’s subscription box business grew quickly and continues to grow. 

I wanted to know all the things about her Food Network experience. How she got chosen, behind the scenes secrets, and how being on the Food Network affected her business. You’ll be as fascinated as I was by how it all came to be - and you’ll laugh as hard as I did about what Lauren shared during her initial interview. 

Lauren’s plans for 2023 include continuing to grow her subscription - her goal is to double her current number of subscribers and I have no doubt she’ll do that and more! 

Join me for this episode as Lauren shares her inspirational journey from mom and art teacher to successful entrepreneur with a quick stop off at the Food Network!  


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