From Registered Nurse to Subscription Box Owner | EP 87

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“Hire the help.” - Tiffany Hill 


I’m so excited to have Launch Your Box member Tiffany Hill of Queen of My Castle Designs join me for today’s episode to share her journey from Registered Nurse to successful subscription box owner. 

A dedicated RN, Tiffany started painting door hangers as a hobby more than a decade ago. What started as something to satisfy her crafty side grew into a business that allowed her to work less hours as a nurse and spend more time at home with her husband and their three sons.  Earlier this year, Tiffany made the decision to retire from nursing altogether and focus solely on her family and her business. Tiffany has two digital teaching subscriptions and an Etsy shop where she sells one-off products, but it was her monthly door hanger subscription that gave her the confidence and peace of mind to “retire” from nursing, and never look back. 

Handmade subscription boxes like Tiffany’s come with their own set of challenges. Planning for her launch, Tiffany decided to limit the number of subscribers to 30 because she wanted to make sure she didn’t outsell what she was capable of making. When those spots sold out in mere hours, Tiffany had not only launched strong, she had also created scarcity, exclusivity, and urgency. There were a lot more than 30 members of her audience who wanted to join her door hanger of the month subscription. 

Tiffany knew the only way she could grow and scale her business was by hiring help. She hired carefully and well, slowly building a small team who is as dedicated to producing quality products as she is. With careful planning and the help of her amazing team, Tiffany’s monthly subscription has grown steadily to where it is now at 175 subscribers. 

Join me for this episode as Tiffany shares what she learned as she grew her Door Hanger of the Month subscription and why growing and scaling a handmade business is not possible without building a team. 


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