Making the Shift from Product Sales to Gifting Premium Subscription Boxes

blog interviews Nov 13, 2020


As entrepreneurs, it's vital to recognize when it is time to shift to a new path in our journey. I was just a small product-based business and had to adjust with the times to continue to grow. Today, I want to share an interview with Jenny Lins, a certified Reiki practitioner with beautiful handmade crystal healing bracelets and a member of Launch Your Box. 

When the pandemic hit, she knew she had to make a change, and for her, a subscription box was the answer. Learn how she made the change from a small product-based business to owning a successful subscription box.

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From Product Sales to a Premium Subscription Service


Jenny is a lifelong entrepreneur. She founded a nationally recognized competitive dance school in her early 20's along with judging dance competitions and working as a choreographer for stage and TV.

After growing her family, she sold her school and then built a successful network marketing career and worked as a freelance makeup artist. But, in all this hustle, she started feeling like she was not living her purpose.


"I was very successful in what I did, but I am living someone else's dream. I am living someone else's purpose. I am making money for someone else.

How am I going to make a mark? My life has to be purpose-driven. I need to be doing stuff for other people and feel like I am impacting their lives.

I needed to live my purpose."



With such a background, I wondered how Jenny got into making and selling healing crystal jewelry.

She told me that a couple of years ago, she was looking for beautiful healing crystal jewelry and couldn't find exactly what she wanted.


"I am a little boujee, ok... I either look homeless, or I look like I'm in a pageant.



So, Jenny decided to make them herself, shared them on Facebook, and got a fantastic response. It developed into a side hustle and grew into BeYOUtiful and Blessed Designs, selling on FB and by word of mouth.



When Covid hit, Jenny had to pivot. No longer able to work as a makeup artist and feeling the state of the world impact her other business she became a certified Reiki practitioner. 

Jenny needed to find something that she was passionate about, something she knew would impact other people's lives, and started a small shop offering Reiki services and certification paired with her online store focus on items that would add value to people's lives. Newly named BeYOUtiful and Blessed Life she had a mission to inspire purpose, self-love, and beauty from the inside out.



How one subscription box owner curates an amazing experience by packaging every single item into an individual gift and gets a premium price.


That is when she discovered my Launch Your Box coaching group. Jenny knew she could make her mark by reaching more people with a perfect little box full of crystal healing because she understood it's not just a box! 



With every curated gift, she is making a connection with all these people. Jenny makes every subscription box special by individually wrapping each item as its own present that delivers healing and beauty. 

That is what I love about Jenny's small box. Inside, there are tons of little gifts. She takes her time to pack each item in a way that makes you feel like everything included is a stand-alone gift. 


"Everything in the box is packaged like a mini gift"



The first time I unboxed her subscription, I instantly fell in love. This box not only holds a ton of value, but you feel the luxury with each item's unique packaging. 



In my blog all about packaging, we talk about perceived value. Jenny's box packs a punch on its own but purposefully wrapping each item gives customers even more value with a luxurious experience. 

It's so important to make this an experience for your customer from the time it arrives at the door to opening each package inside. 



Jenny has a unique way of packaging everything so that the customer feels special.  She uses small packaging like the ones you can see in my amazon store, even wrapping her bath bombs in matching tissue paper so it's not just thrown in there. Like it's own little gift.

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She doesn't just put a crystal in a big box, but she packaged it in a coordinating pouch. And I love the little tiny felt-lined bags she uses for her jewelry to keep them safe and detangled. 



The BeYOUtiful and Blessed Box is a tiny package full of big impact. It's beautiful and well-intentioned. Packaging things this way doesn't cost a lot, but it can really increase your subscription box's perceived value.

I want you to think about those things when packaging your items. Create a full experience with each element of your subscription service.



Jenny came across Launch Your Box in July, not knowing what to expect. Starting at zero, she jumped all in to launch her box by September. Now, three months in, she has about 70 subscribers and growing! With a mission to spread love, a subscription box was the answer to reach as many people as she could with her purpose. 

Jenny has created a very special experience. It's not all about the stuff, more about the experience customers will have when they open the box, use the items, and what that feeling brings them in their lives.

There are many great nuggets of information in Jenny's interview and her personal journey to find her purpose is an inspiration. 







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