From 300 to Over 25,000 Subscribers with Beachly Brands | EP 123

podcast Jun 21, 2023

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I’m excited to bring you this interview with Kevin Tighe, co-founder and CEO of Beachly Brands recorded LIVE at SubSummit. Beachly Brands currently has three successful subscriptions, but I asked Kevin to take us back to the beginning of his subscription box journey.  

The first lesson Kevin wanted to share with you is that we all have failures. He did, I have, and you will. After Kevin experienced a failure, he spent some time in Hawaii reconnecting with what he loves - the beach and surfing. 

This love for the beach and outdoor life sparked what turned into an idea for a subscription box. Kevin’s first box was for men. The box went through some iterations as they refined their audience and the contents of the box. Over time, it grew into a successful subscription box. 

Then Kevin and his team decided to add another box, a beach apparel and accessories box for women. Kevin asked his friends to model the items and took the photos himself. It wasn’t perfect, but it was more than good enough. Kevin did what needed to be done to get that women’s box launched. The result? 1,000 subscribers in the first week! And today they have 25,000 subscribers! 

The third box came from a desire to add a lower-priced box that would not compete with the women’s box. A beauty product box featuring natural, cruelty-free products was the answer. 

Kevin and his team have learned a LOT through their subscription box journey. You don’t get to 25,000 subscribers without gaining knowledge, solving problems, and learning from failures. 

I asked Kevin to share some advice for subscription box owners, especially those in the early stages of business. His tips included: 

  • Understand the core functions of your business. You may hire team members to take over certain tasks, but you need to have that knowledge. 
  • Be strategic - look at where your time is best spent today. If you’re spending all of your time answering customer service emails or packing boxes, you don’t have the time to do the things that will make your business grow. 
  • Understand your numbers. When it comes to your business, you need to be a numbers person. 

Join me for this episode as Kevin and I talk about his journey from 300 to 25,000 subscribers, what’s next for Beachly Brands, and his advice for new subscription box owners. 

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