Building an Audience and Recurring Revenue - Subscription Box Basics | Episode 8

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Build your audience and they will come…

My guest this week is my friend Brooke Riley from the Re-Fabbed Boutique to talk about how building a solid online presence can give your subscription box the momentum it needs to keep having success month after month.

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Brooke started Re-Fabbed Boutique from a blog she’s been running for six years now and has turned it into a place where her community could find more of the style items she showcased on her blog.

She first had the idea of her subscription box, the Re-Fabulous Box, when we met at a mastermind a year ago. “I love a good thrifty find, but nobody could replicate what I had because it wasn’t available to them. So, the more questions I kept getting, the more I realized that there was a need in my community I could feel.”


Manage Subscription Box Demand with a Waitlist


Brooke took the ideas we talked about and started floating the idea of a monthly Re-Fabbed Box in her online community. From there, she was able to build interest and created a waitlist people could sign up for to build her launch off of.

Waitlist is a great way to see what kind of interest is among the community you’ve built as well as a way to set the number of boxes you launch with to an amount your comfortable with. It can also create demand for your box as an exclusive experience right from the outset.

Most importantly, having a waitlist that you can build off of can also offset retention losses.

No matter how much we want it, we’re not going to be able to keep every customer month after month, and that’s just a fact of running a business. Having a waitlist can help you to replace those losses with a warmer customer while still providing a way for those lost customers to come back.

Remember, a huge benefit of starting a subscription box is that recurring revenue, money that is coming month to month that you can depend on. A waitlist is a great way of managing your demand to keep you in the positive without ups and downs in your sales numbers.

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Learn more about the benefits of a waitlist and handling subscription box cancellations and find my retention rate calculator HERE.

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