It’s Time to Start Your Subscription Box! | Episode 52

getting started mindset podcast Jan 12, 2022



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Let’s start this year with a better plan, a plan to help you move forward because… It’s Time to Start Your Subscription Box! 

Now is the time to get started the right way. 

See, it’s hard to take steps forward with starting your subscription box if you can’t visualize who that box is for - your ideal customer. And if you already have a subscription box and you’re struggling with marketing, gaining subscribers, or retaining the subscribers you do have, take a closer look at your ideal customer. 


I want you to describe your ideal customer in 3-5 words. 

  • Are they a man or a woman? 
  • Are they an adult or a child? 
  • How old are they? 
  • Where do they live? 
  • Do they belong to a certain profession or faith group? 
  • Do they have a specific hobby or love for something? 


Answering these questions allows you to visualize that person. My ideal customer for my monogram box is a “Southern Busy Mom.” Can you picture her? I can! I curate subscription boxes for her every month. 

Ask yourself what your ideal customer is thinking, feeling, and doing each month of the year. It’s this knowledge that will help you plan themes for your boxes before you ever start looking for products. 


Once you’re able to visualize your ideal customer, it’s time to decide what kind of box to create. You have choices: 

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Bimonthly
  • One Thing of the Month


There are pros and cons to each type of box. Monthly boxes are easier to market and bring in regular, recurring revenue. They are also a LOT more work. Quarterly boxes can make marketing challenging but give you time to catch your breath between boxes and may allow you to curate a more expensive, luxurious box. 

A “One Thing of the Month” box is a great place to start! You’re simply providing one item each month. I have members inside Launch Your Box who have been very successful with their “one things.” T-shirts, candles, beef jerky, washi tape, door hangers, and more.

Once you’ve decided who your ideal customer is and the type of box you’re going to offer, it’s time to curate some boxes! Join me for my FREE 6 in 60 Workshop where we’ll plan six months’ worth of subscription boxes in only an hour! 

 Join me for this episode as I talk about how now IS the time to start your subscription box and go over the first TWO steps forward, helping you discover who your box is for and what kind of subscription box is the best choice for your business. 


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