How to Handle Supply Chain & Shipping Issues | Episode 44

inventory podcast product sourcing Nov 17, 2021



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Do you think current supply chain issues only affect big corporations?

They don’t. All business owners are dealing with supply chain issues right now. And that includes subscription box owners. 

I’ve heard some subscription box owners going down the road of doom and gloom. Wondering if it’s time to just give up and throw in the towel. Um, no. It’s absolutely NOT time to give up. 

It is time to problem solve, to pivot, and to plan. 

If you are a subscription box owner, you WILL run into product supply problems at some point. And if you have a large subscriber base (300 or more), you still need to work with overseas manufacturers. 

When you run into an issue and something you’re planning to put into a future box simply isn’t going to get to you on time, it’s time to put your problem solving hat on and get to work. 


Let’s talk about five things you can do to gain control over product and shipping delays. 

  1. Work further out on buying and sourcing goods. 
  2. Fill your immediate needs with “Ready to Ship” items. Overseas manufacturers often have US warehouses full of goods available for purchase. 
  3. Connect with makers and other small businesses who can supply you with what you need. 
  4. Don’t wait too long! Problem solve shipping delays before they happen. Have backup plans for your backup plans and get in front of problems whenever possible. 
  5. If subscription boxes are late, surprise and delight your subscribers. Thank them for their patience and understanding. 


The truth is, we don’t know when things are going to get better. As subscription box owners, we need to continue to get better at planning, pivoting, and problem solving. 

Join me for this episode as I share practical tips and strategies you need to put in place NOW to deal with shipping and product delays. I also take you through some of my recent shipping challenges and how I solved them. 


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