Consistency Pays Off with Jamie Shahan of CRNA Swag | Episode 42

audience building podcast Nov 04, 2021




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“Come up with a simple plan and work it!” 

I am so excited to bring you my interview with Jamie Shahan, Launch Your Box member and owner of CRNA Swag. Jamie’s subscription box journey shows us what is possible when a plan, consistent engagement, and the willingness to “just do it” come together.  

In addition to being a subscription box owner, Jamie is a wife, mother, proud grandmother, and a certified nurse practitioner anesthetist. In other words, she’s a busy woman! 

Jamie started thinking about what she would do when she retired a few years down the road. Her mind turned to crafts and she learned how to make wreaths. The plan? To sell these wreaths. Jamie’s plan hit a snag when it took seven months to earn her first sale. 

Unafraid of hard work, Jamie sought out coaches, masterminds, and all the things to figure out how to make her wreath business a success. 

Then she came to my Subscription Box Coaching Week this past March. Jamie came in wanting to learn how to turn her wreath dreams into a subscription box business. But during Coaching Week, Jamie was inspired by Anne Stuccio, another Launch Your Box member. Anne is a dentist whose subscribers are female dentists. Don’t miss Anne’s interview on the podcast (listen to her episode here). 

A lightbulb went off for Jamie. She realized her ideal customer for a subscription box was a female CRNA - just like her! Jamie joined Launch Your Box and was excited about starting a subscription box for hard-working female CRNAs who don’t take time for themselves.  

The only problem? The only audience Jamie had was for her wreath business, and those were not female CRNAs. So, Jamie started building an audience from scratch. 

She figured out where to find her ideal customer and started hanging out there with them and adding value. She slowly but steadily built connections and engagement. Jamie went through the Launch Your Box trainings, came up with a plan that fit into the time she had available, and followed that plan. 

Jamie launched her box in late September. At that time she had 131 followers. Her goal was to sell out her inventory of 50 boxes. 50 boxes with only 131 followers sounds impossible. It wasn’t. Jamie planned for a three-day launch, but was sold out by the afternoon of day one! She’s now hard at work planning her next quarterly box - and this time she plans to add another 50 subscribers. 

Jamie’s advice to anyone who wants to start a subscription box business is to come up with a plan, work that plan, and not be afraid to launch messy. 

There is so much to learn from and be inspired by in this episode. We talk about the benefits of identifying a niche and where to find your ideal customer. We also talk about what to do once you’ve found them and the importance of being consistent AND being willing to just do it.  

I know you’ll love hearing Jamie’s story! 


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