6 Ways to Keep a Subscriber | Episode 36

podcast Sep 22, 2021



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We’re subscription box entrepreneurs, which means when we’re not creating a unique box experience for our audience, we’re building that audience of subscribers for our box! We spend so much time getting in front of our audience and gaining those subscribers, it kind of hurts every time we lose one of those subscribers for whatever reason.

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But let me ask you a question: are you also putting as much time and effort into keeping those subscribers that are in danger of leaving? This week I’m going over six ways that I’ve used to retain those subscribers who need just a little more TLC to stay satisfied customers.


1. Keep Things Trendy or Seasonal

How often are you changing up your lineup of items offered in your box? For me, I’m always researching new trends and thinking ahead to what holidays or seasons are coming up to keep things fresh and exciting, and that excitement is going to keep your subscribers happy.


2. Ask Your Subscribers What They Want

Simply including your audience in the decision making process can make a huge difference. Sending out questionnaires, surveys, or however you can directly get their input can create buy-in to the whole experience that they’ll want to see through to execution.


3. Engage With Your Subscribers

Show them that they’re a part of something larger than themselves. If you have a private group for them or do like I do and have everyone on text, ask them for pictures of them enjoying your box that you can then put up in your public group. People love to feel included, so give them a truly great experience!



4. Create Added Value

We always want our subscribers to feel like the VIPs of our business. Create an environment of added value that will make them feel special. You can send out subscriber only emails or add personal coupons to their box for items in your store. I find that a personal touch reaching out to my customers goes a long way.


5. Offer a Lower-Priced Tier in Your Subscription Box

The number one reason people cancel their subscriptions is because of financial reasons. Offering a lower priced tier at the point of cancellation is one way you can try to address that pressure on your subscribers to try and retain them. Sometimes they’re happy just to have the option, and that way you can try to get them back to a full subscription when their situation changes for the better.


6. Billing and Follow Up

It’s not the sexiest or most fun thing to do, but you’d be surprised at how keeping track of any billing issues or missed payments can make a huge difference in managing subscriber turnover. Sometimes payments are missed because of card changes, or changes in addresses, or whatever the case may be, and sometimes your subscribers get so caught up in the day-to-day that they forget to fix those issues. Reminders and follow-up can eliminate so much of that.



Make sure to always keep an eye on your retention rate. If it starts to slip and fall below 80%, that’s an issue you need to address quickly before things get out of hand. There’s no better time to start repairing things than right away!


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