Maximize the Value of Your Small Audience | Episode 29

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Building an audience of people who are interested in your subscription box is crucial. You can’t have a successful launch - and a successful business - without an audience. But you don’t need a huge following with tens of thousands of followers if you have a small audience filled with the RIGHT people. 

I’ve built two multi-million dollar businesses and neither one has a huge number of followers. I don’t need hundreds of thousands of followers because the followers I do have are the right people for each of my businesses. They’re engaged, they’re interested in me and what I offer, and most of them buy from me. 

The secret to finding subscription box success with a smaller audience is to maximize the value of your audience, no matter the size. 

Subscription box success - or success in any online business - doesn’t come from having a large number of followers who don’t engage with you and your business and don’t buy anything. Instead, success comes from having an engaged audience filled with your ideal customers. 

Finding and building an audience filled with your right people starts with remembering your why. What drove you to start a subscription box in the first place? Those people who you wanted to serve with your subscription box? Those are the people you need to attract. Those are the people who will engage with you and your business. 

I have some practical ways you can attract and engage an audience filled with your right people: 

  1. Be known for something. What are you the expert at? What makes you happy?
  2. Show up. Get in front of your audience and go LIVE consistently.
  3. Serve before you sell. What value are you providing to your audience? 
  4. You don’t have to be everywhere, but you do need to be consistent. Don’t try to do all the things! Pick a few that you are good at and can be consistent with.
  5. Love on your people! Help your audience feel seen and heard, and they’ll keep coming back.

Join me for this episode as we talk about why a large following isn’t necessary for subscription box success and how you can maximize the value of your small audience. 

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