4 Ways to Build Your Audience with Tiffany LeBaron | Episode 14

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You have the subscription box idea, now it’s time to build the audience who will actually subscribe to your box. Building an audience from the ground up can seem a little overwhelming.

This week I’m speaking with Tiffany LeBaron Ray, Launch Your Box member and founder of the Good Habit Box Co. with her good habits and practices she used to build her subscription audience from 6 at launch to 70 in a short amount of time!

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When Tiffany decided to start the Good Habit Box, she was already having success with her other Etsy brands. But she realized that the audience that she had built for Etsy was not necessarily compatible with her new idea. This gave her the opportunity to try some new ways to build her audience, and she found 4 ways that helped her get to where she wanted to be quick.


1. Have a Giveaway

After creating a Facebook and Instagram page, she decided to pay for some ads to promote her box and drive people to her pages. “The very first thing I did was I made a mockup of my box: this is what my box would look like.” With her mockup, she advertised a giveaway contest for people who liked her social media pages.

Giveaways like this can build upon themselves and help generate interest in places you might not be able to reach through your personal or friends and family reshares. The way Tiffany did it does have a price tag attached to it, so make sure if you’re going to go this route to look for the results that you want before spending more money.


2. Consistent Posting

It’s so important that when you start your new pages and start getting an audience you consistently post to your social media pages multiple times per day. “I would post things that would help my target customers: someone that's motivated, that's inspired. I want to help someone that makes big goals and small goals; someone that cares about those things.”

Tiffany posted at least 3 times a day to keep her engagement up and attract anyone who might want to like her pages and would reply to any comments that came her way.

Not sure what you should be posting to social media? I have 6 types of social media content you should be posting! Start now with THIS list.


3. Make Connections

Chances are there are lots of other people out there with products you can either use in the future or who have similar ideas or values to yours. Making connections with those people can pay off when you feature their products on your page, or they feature yours on their pages.

“When I would post a picture of my box and all the pretty things in it, I would take the time and tag all of those shops, I tag them I give them a shout out. And what that's done is some of those small shops even some of the bigger companies have in turn reached out to me and given me a shout-out on their page.”


4. Partner with an Influencer 

A great way to reach an engaged audience is to partner with an influencer for an unboxing. Finding an influencer who shares your values and caters to the same type of audience that you’re looking to build requires a little research and due diligence, but it can pay off in great ways.

“I found this influencer on YouTube, and what caught my eye was that she would do these massive unboxings of boxes that she's never seen before. She also caught my eye because she was so friendly and had almost 100,000 followers on YouTube.” Tiffany sent her a box and a little while later she had people emailing her asking if she still had the box that she had sent to the influencer. She gained quite a few followers from that one box she sent out!


You can find Tiffany and her Good Habit Box at https://www.instagram.com/goodhabitbox/


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