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Coaching week just ended and I’m not trying to brag, but I think it went fantastic! For those of you who weren’t able to take part, we did so many interviews with current and former students that really showed how many different ways you can go about doing a subscription box and become successful.

For this week’s podcast, I wanted to share with everyone one of my favorite interviews with one of my Launch Your Box members, Tracy from Miss Tracy Creates, whose box is a perfect example of finding “riches in the niches.”

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 All for One, or One for All? 


When considering what to make your box about, you might want to put as many things as you can into it but as we’ve talked about before, this can sometimes water down what your box is actually about. Miss Tracy really nailed that with her box, The Napkin Club.

Miss Tracy and her members use paper napkins to create all kinds of different crafts and decorations, and her box helps supply her members with those curated napkins.

Instead of her members going out and buying packs of specialized paper napkins that they might only want to use a few of, they trust Miss Tracy to send them the few they need for crafting as well as belonging to a group that helps them create different projects every month.

She identified a need in her crafting community that she could fill, and now she’s approaching 1000 members for her specialized business!


Any Idea Can Be Turned Into A Subscription Box


Miss Tracy and the Napkin Club are such a great example of how any idea can be turned into a business. There’s no limit that I’ve found that, if thought about correctly, can’t be something that has tremendous opportunity.

Think about how you can become the expert in your niche idea, and don’t be afraid to get creative, because the riches really are in the niches!

If you loved this and want to hear how our friend Ann found her niche and is taking her subscription box to the next level, check out my Riches In The Niches post!


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