Busting Through Challenges and Doubling Her Subscription in 6 months | EP 97

interviews podcast Nov 23, 2022



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I’m so excited to have Katie Eney of The Literary Book Club back on the podcast. I invited her back so she could bring us up to date on the big things that have been happening in her subscription box businesses. 

Katie’s quarterly luxury box, The Literary Book Club, focuses on collectible editions of classic books and wrapped page-numbered gifts that accompany the books. She also sells one-time specialty boxes, especially for holidays like Christmas and Halloween. Katie provides a truly incredible experience to her subscribers! 

When we first talked, Katie had around 200 subscribers and had hit a point where she didn’t know if she could grow much more because she was doing it all on her own. I encouraged her to try to hire despite job market challenges in her area. That was seven months ago. 

Recently, Katie popped into the Launch Your Box group to celebrate hitting 500 subscribers! She more than doubled her subscriber numbers in only seven months! This incredible growth wasn’t due to just one thing. Katie is a learner - and she brings that learner’s mentality to all she does. She is an absolute sponge and takes in all the training I put out - inside Launch Your Box, on this podcast, and more - and then puts it to work in her business. 


In order to solve her challenges and grow her business, Katie: 

  • Hired two team members. 
  • Signed a lease on a space, getting her business out of her house. 
  • Focused on social media and generating more content. 
  • Used influencers to help with word of mouth marketing. 
  • Offered a one-time, summer box. 


Katie had a goal of hitting 400 subscribers in 2022. She met her goal - and then passed it, reaching 500 subscribers in October! Katie’s willingness to try a series of different things led to an overall increase in traffic to her business which led to growth not only in her subscription box but in one-time sales as well. 

Join me for this episode as Katie shares the moment she knew she either needed to scale or quit and what she did to grow her business and more than double her subscriber numbers in only seven months. 


Learn more about how Katie’s Literary Book Club got started in episode 64 of the Launch Your Box podcast


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