Lessons Learned by Doing - An Interview with Kasey Hope about her Subscription Box Business | Episode 4

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Today I’m joined by my friend Kasey Hope with P’zazz Art Studio. Kasey started with Whatever Letter Lettering membership, where she taught courses on how to hand letter, but had the idea to upgrade that service with a subscription box.

In her box, she sends art supplies, traceable hand lettering, and different materials that can be used with her membership. We spoke about what got her started, what she learned from her first launch, and how her box has grown since she started.

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Her Subscription Box Took Her Membership To The Next Level


Kasey already had her membership going with online classes when she noticed that some people would buy the membership and not use it. Instead of letting that ride, she thought of ways that she could increase engagement among her members. “We wanted to create a kind of experience around the membership, and the box was a tangible little something they could open.”

By creating a box to go along with her membership, she could give her regulars a VIP experience with items related to her classes. The convenience of getting catered supplies that they didn’t have to go out and buy created more of a community for her membership.


Kasey had never shipped before, but that didn’t stop her!


When she launched, Kasey had 167 members and she was thrilled. They put together the boxes (which ironically were large envelopes), gathered them up, and took them right into their local Post Office. “We had a local art studio; we did not ship products. So, we were like, I guess we take them to the post office!”

For hours, one by one, they labeled and shipped them out. This was a learning experience with a little bit of embarrassment involved, but the point is that it got done and sent out. “It was hard and crazy and embarrassing, but we got the packages out. We had to start somewhere.”


Her Success Has Built Upon Itself


Today, Kasey is shipping thousands of boxes out to her members and her numbers keep on growing. When Covid hit, her brick-and-mortar studio took a huge hit but because of the success of her subscription box and recurring revenue that comes with it, they were able to whether the changes and thrive.


“If you’re thinking about it and you’re worried you don’t have all the pieces, just start! It can be sloppy; it can be small. You’re going to learn the lessons.” – Kasey Hope


 Kasey and the Whatever Letter Box: https://www.pzazzonline.com/whatever-letter

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