30 Days to Launch | Episode 80

launch podcast Jul 27, 2022



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What if you were launching your subscription box in 30 days? 

Maybe you’re launching for the first time or you could be operating under a closed model and you’re launching to new subscribers. In order to be ready to launch - and for your audience to be ready for you to launch - there are five things you need to be doing or start doing right now. 

Before I go through those five things, I do want to say I’m recommending you launch in 30 days only if you’ve already spent time building an audience and you’ve got your tech figured out and in place. If not, you’ll need longer than 30 days. But if you’ve been audience building and you’ve got your tech ready to go, I want you to plan to launch in the next 30 days. 

Will it be perfect? No. Will it seem messy? Yes. Will putting it off make your launch more perfect or less messy when it finally does happen? No. Putting it off will simply delay you from taking the next step toward subscription box success. 


Back to those five things I want you to start doing right now: 


  • Set the date - be specific.
  • Email your list more frequently. 
      • Unboxings
      • Subscriber shares
      • Different ways to use items in your box
      • Sneak peeks for your upcoming launch 
      • Behind the scenes
      • Talk about your why
  • Increase video views.
  • Drive people to your waitlist and start emailing them right away. 
  • Generate leads with opt-ins.



The truth is you should be doing all of these things all year long in order to continuously feed the top of your funnel. So even if you’re not launching in 30 days, start focusing on these five areas now. That way, the next time you plan a launch - whether it’s your first or your fifth - you’ll be ready! 

Join me for this episode as I talk about why you should consider launching in the next 30 days and the five things you need to start doing right now to help make your launch a success. 


Join me in all the places: 

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