Year End Review with My Mastermind Ladies | Episode 100

interviews podcast Dec 14, 2022



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Welcome to the 100th episode of the Launch Your Box podcast! 

I talk a lot about consistency on this podcast. And inside Launch Your Box. And on my social media accounts. It’s not because I don’t have anything else to talk about. If you’ve been around at all, you know I talk about all the things. But in so many of “the things,” consistency matters. 

I’ve gotten to 100 episodes by showing up every week. That’s right, in 100 episodes - nearly two full years, I’ve never missed a week. And showing up consistently has paid off. We’ve gone from a few hundred downloads a month when we started to tens of thousands of downloads every single month. Consistently getting in front of more people and growing my audience. 

Consistency matters. Be consistent in all that you do to start, launch, and grow your subscription box business. From social media to email marketing to going LIVE, and more. Be consistent. 

To celebrate our 100th episode, I have a special treat for you. I brought on FIVE special guests - all members of my Mastermind - for a little year-end wrap-up. 

We’ve all had highs and lows this year. All of us. I have and each of these ladies has, too. They are all super successful subscription box business owners and they joined me to share their successes and challenges from 2022 and their plans and dreams for 2023. 

You’re going to LOVE learning more about each of these ladies and their businesses. I know I love every opportunity I have to talk with each of them and having them all together was such a treat! 

Join me for this special 100th episode to meet five of my Mastermind ladies and get a peek behind the scenes of their successful subscription box businesses, messy parts and all! 


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