Ask Sarah: What’s Holding Me Back from Starting My Subscription Box | Episode 67

interviews podcast Apr 27, 2022


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“Messy Action is better than no action.” - Sarah Williams


Welcome to the second in my new eight-part series on the podcast called, “Ask Sarah.” Each week, I’ll be answering a question from inside my Launch Your Box coaching membership. 

This week’s question came from Gina Rich of Serendipity Lane. Gina’s question was simple. “Why am I stuck?” 

Gina had a brick-and-mortar scrapbooking and card-making business for 15 years. She still runs occasional classes and scrapbooking retreats out of the space, but moved the majority of her business online due to the pandemic. Gina offered one-time “Happy Boxes” as products and also had a small, very casual card “subscription” with about 20 subscribers. 

Gina found Launch Your Box and realized a card subscription box was what she wanted to do. She has a proven concept. She knows just what she wants to include and the experience she wants to provide her subscriber. But… she hasn’t launched. She’s not even close to launching yet. Why? What’s holding her back? 

Gina’s first issue is shared by SO MANY people who want to start subscription boxes. She wants everything to be perfect before she starts. 

The hard truth? Nothing will ever be perfect. And messy action is always better than no action. It’s time for Gina to give herself permission to not be perfect and commit to taking messy action. Every day.  

Gina is also stuck because she can’t decide how to price her box. She wants to provide value to her subscribers but finds it takes a lot of her time to fulfill the box she wants to offer. I took Gina through the research I did on similar boxes that are already on the market. We discussed whether the price she had in mind was a good one and brainstormed ideas to add value that won’t require more of her time. 

The last thing that has Gina stuck is social media. She’s not getting engagement because she’s not consistent. Gina needs to be consistent in order to build an audience to launch to! I gave her homework to complete and will be checking in 30 days from now.  

Join me for this episode as Gina and I talk through what’s holding her back and how she can get unstuck and start making progress toward launching her box. I know you’ll learn as much as she did from this interview.  


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