What is Subscription Box Week? | EP 162

podcast Jun 05, 2024

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Once a year, thousands of people join me for a one-of-a-kind subscription box coaching experience. Subscription Box Week is coming soon… and I can’t wait!   

Several years ago, I had started my coaching membership Launch Your Box and it was growing. Slowly. I wanted to put some gas on it and grow more rapidly. A conversation with my mentor, Stu McLaren, led to the realization that letting people spend a week with me as a teacher and coach was the best way to show them what I offer and why it’s right for them. 

Subscription Box Coaching Week came out of that casual conversation. I launched it for the first time in the fall of 2020. Thousands of people signed up - which blew me away and kind of freaked me out. 🙂 The first night I went LIVE I had more than 1,000 people with me! 

That week was incredible. I showed up, served (overserved, actually), and engaged. At the end of that week, 43% of the people who joined me for Subscription Box Coaching Week signed up for Launch Your Box. 43%! 

I’ve been doing it ever since. Every year, thousands of people join me for Subscription Box Week (formerly called Coaching Week). It’s the best way to showcase who I am as a coach, the knowledge I have, and what it’s like inside my incredible Launch Your Box community. 

It’s happening again - in just a couple of weeks! And it’s FULL of so much great content, including: 

  • The Post-It Note Challenge - where you’ll plan six months of boxes. 
  • Brand New Training - How to Curate an Experience for Your Subscribers - because it’s not about the “stuff,” it’s about how you make your subscribers feel. 
  • Member Box Openings - where I open members’ subscription boxes for the first time and offer feedback. 
  • Special LIVE Q&A - where you can get ALL your questions answered. 
  • A chance to be part of the subscription box community: 
    • Get to know my members who are at all stages and sizes of business. 
    • Get to know my team as they work around the clock to answer questions and provide resources. 
    • Interact with me LIVE every day. 
    • Understand what’s possible when I interview my students - get ready to be inspired! 

My team and I have packed a month’s worth of content into one week for this special event! 

For only $15, get this jam-packed week that’s all about subscription boxes! 

  • Are you brand new and thinking about starting a subscription box - this week is for you. 
  • Are you already selling products and ready to build recurring revenue into your business - this week is for you. 
  • Do you already have a subscription box but feel like you don’t know what you don’t know to grow your business - this week is for you. 

I do this every day - manage a multi-million dollar subscription box business. And I share it all with you during Subscription Box Week. 

If you’ve been thinking about starting a subscription box, but you’ve been putting it off or feeling stuck, this is your special invitation to join me at SubscriptionBoxWeek.com starting June 23rd for one amazing week! 

What if one week could change everything? Join me for this episode and learn all about Subscription Week. It’s one week filled with endless possibilities. 


Learn from me:

  • Subscription Box Blueprint eBook: This $10 ebook covers logistics from product selection to packaging to shipping. Plus a 90-day launch plan and bonus ‘Instant Scripts’ for your social media.
  • Launch Your Box: My complete training program that walks you step by step through how to start, launch, and grow your subscription box business.
  • Launch Your Box Podcast: I share tons of practical tips and strategies to help you start, launch, and grow your subscription box business. You’ll also hear from industry experts and current Launch Your Box members who are crushing it - get ready to get inspired!
  • One Box at a Time: Inside my book One Box at a Time, I show you the steps you need to follow to start and launch your subscription box. To turn your dream into reality. This book is filled with proven teachings, valuable resources, best practices, and action steps for you to take.


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