Turning Your Lifelong Career Into a Subscription Box | EP 124

interviews podcast Jun 28, 2023

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During this special episode, you’ll meet and be inspired by Launch Your Box member Michon Shaw. It’s not only her journey to starting and launching a subscription box that inspires, but her positive outlook and joy-filled dedication to her community. 

Michon has built a successful career around her passion for American Sign Language (ASL). She is an ASL interpreter herself as well as a professor who teaches ASL students to become interpreters. In addition to working a full-time corporate job, Michon also started a company dedicated to providing interpreting services and celebrating ASL interpreters: Interpret Educate Serve (IES). 

Michon has a special passion for increasing the number of underrepresented interpreters and celebrating Black and Brown ASL interpreters. This passion led to her designing her first t-shirt, which she brought to the National Black Deaf Advocates Conference. She sold out her stock in just five minutes. 

This experience opened Michon’s eyes to the fact that this niche was not being served. And that she could serve them by supporting and celebrating them. She added apparel and merchandise as the second part of her business. 

It was during Coaching Week of 2021 that Michon first saw the possibility of adding a subscription box to her business. She wanted to provide a special experience for ASL interpreters with items for them to use and wear to increase awareness of and celebrate their profession. 

Michon joined Launch Your Box, dug into the training, took what she learned, and implemented it. She launched with 12 subscribers and has slowly and steadily built her subscriber base. She added the TerpTee-shirt club and also offers a box specifically for interpreting students. 

Michon’s biggest challenge to growing her subscription box business is TIME. She is a seriously busy woman! But her passion for the community she serves means she makes the time. 

Join me for this episode to meet Michon and be inspired by her energy, passion, and positivity. Learn how she took her passion and turned it into a business and how you can, too. 


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