Running a Giveaway to Build Your List | Episode 81

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Audience building should always be on your to-do list. Whether you already have a subscription box or you’re just getting started, consistently work to reach and engage new people. 

One audience building strategy I teach inside Launch Your Box is to run a giveaway on social media. I use a free, easy-to-use software called Kingsumo to run my giveaways a couple of times a year. My last giveaway added 1500 people to my email list!  


When you run a giveaway, follow four simple steps 

  • Determine your goal - why are you running a giveaway? 
    • To grow your following.
    • To build your email or text list.  
    • To gauge interest in your potential box. 
    • All of the above!
  • Determine your prize.
    • Your prize needs to be “worth it” - what would make you enter a contest? 
    • Consider offering a box or a 3-6 month subscription. 
  • Create your timeline.
    • Your giveaway should run for 7-14 days. 
  • Share, share, share!
    • Send an email to your list - remember, some of them may not follow you on social media yet. 
    • Social posts - videos, stories, etc. 
    • Keep talking about it throughout the 7-14 days to keep the excitement going. 

There are rules for running giveaways on social media. You need to be aware of these rules and follow them. 

  1. The contest must be free to enter - it cannot be combined with a purchase. 
  2. The winner must be chosen randomly. 
  3. The winner must be announced publicly. 
  4. You must state clearly (in posts and your contest rules) that your giveaway has no affiliation with the platform. 


Every week inside Launch Your Box, members are setting up and running giveaways. It’s one of the best things you can do to jump-start your audience building no matter where you are in your subscription box journey. 

Join me for this episode as I talk about why you should run a giveaway as part of your audience building strategy, the steps to follow to make it a success, and the important rules you need to follow! 


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