Never Give Up - Break Through the Plateau with the Crafty Lady Boutique | EP 134

interviews podcast Sep 20, 2023

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“Don’t give up. Just keep moving forward.” - Alexia Haubert

After making it to the top 1% of all Etsy sellers in the wedding category - the top 1%! - Lexie was on top of her game. Then came a global pandemic that shut down the wedding industry and Lexie’s business. 

Lexie had to pivot and struggled to grow her business for a long time before recently reaching a big milestone. In this episode, Lexie’s story will inspire you to keep going as you work toward your business goals. 

When the wedding industry slowly started coming back, Lexie introduced The Monogrammed Bride subscription box and started building her audience from scratch.  She stayed consistent and continued to show up even though she saw very little in the way of results for a long time. 

When Lexie and I first talked, after a disappointing launch, I was surprised to see she had done everything I teach. She was doing all the things and she was doing them well. But she wasn’t seeing results. We brainstormed and strategized, and Lexie continued working hard. 

And just recently - after seeing consistently steady growth for the last six months - Lexie hit her long-standing goal of 100 subscribers! So what did she do differently these past six months?   

  • She built a community - giving her subscribers something to feel they were a part of. 
  • She posted stories on Instagram - consistently. 
  • She created engaging posts featuring pictures of subscribers and their boxes.
  • She started going LIVE much more consistently and, when she did, started building an audience who showed up for her and engaged with her during the LIVEs. 
  • She followed her subscribers back and engaged with their posts. 
  • She did tons of short video, finding cracks of time while sitting in her car waiting to pick her kids up from practices.  
  • She sent boxes to a small number of influencers from TikTok and Instagram - people with 1000-2000 followers who want to grow as influencers. 
  • She ran Facebook Ads - and has gotten really dialed in which drives the cost per engagement way down. Lexie analyzes her Ads every week and makes changes as needed. 

While we were talking, Lexie got subscriber #112! This growth in her business - this regular, recurring revenue - has lessened the financial stress Lexie has felt for the past couple of years. She is able to breathe and plan for even more subscribers as her business continues to grow. 

Lexie’s message for anyone who feels overwhelmed or discouraged by the challenges they’re facing in building their business? Don’t give up. Just keep moving forward. 

Join me for this episode and get inspired by Lexie’s determination to just keep going and never give up on her dream on her way to reaching and passing her goal of 100 subscribers. 


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