My 5-Year Journey as a Subscription Box Owner | Episode 65

mindset podcast Apr 13, 2022



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5 years. 60 boxes. Countless lessons learned. 

Earlier this year, I celebrated the five-year anniversary of the subscription box side of my business. That’s 60 boxes! 60 boxes I poured my heart into to create amazing experiences for my subscribers. 

The journey my business and I have been on over these five years has come with lots of failures (I like to call them lessons learned), wins, and personal growth. My business grew from five figures to six figures to where we are now - a multi-million dollar subscription box business with thousands of subscribers. 

As my team and I get ready to ship out our 61st curated box, I’m reflecting on what it took to get here. Year one was all about excitement and uncertainty as I decided to start something new. I was nervous and wondered if it would actually work. There were ups in the form of a successful launch and growth beyond what I’d hoped for several months in a row. There were downs, like when my growth stopped. It stayed static for a few months and when my numbers started moving again, they were going in the wrong direction. 

These years have been filled with learning and implementing that learning - over and over again. That learning and that implementation helped me discover what changes I needed to make to start growing again. And I did - I grew and grew to where I am now - 3000 subscribers strong. 

It can be easy to look at someone who is already succeeding at what you are trying to do and not see all that came before. But all that came before matters - it’s what leads to growth and success. 

Join me for this episode as I take you through the first five years of my subscription box business and the lessons I learned along the way. Lessons you can learn from and apply to your own subscription box business. I hope you’ll be inspired and encouraged by my journey!   


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