Leveraging Email Marketing to Make the Most out of Q4 | EP 95

email marketing podcast Nov 09, 2022


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“More emails equals more sales!” - Sarah Williams 


We’re more than halfway through the 4th quarter. For product sellers, it’s the busiest time of the year. It’s also our best chance to make some serious revenue. You’re probably feeling tired and maybe even overwhelmed. I’m tired, too. Rest when you can and then get to work. There are some things you can do now that will give your 4th quarter sales a major boost.

We create different types of email content during the first three quarters of the year. Email opt-ins with welcome sequences, weekly newsletters, and emails to share blog posts or podcast episodes. We’re serving our audience by providing value. 

The 4th quarter is different. During the 4th quarter, we SERVE our audiences by SELLING. We help them shop. Your customers want to shop — it’s your job to get your products in front of them. 


How can you leverage that email list you’ve spent all year building? 

  1. Increase the frequency of your emails. 
    • If you’ve been emailing once a week, send two or three each week. If once a month, send at least one email a week. 
  2. Make sure all of your emails are product focused. Serve your customers by solving their “what to get” problem by sharing: 
    • Bestseller of the week
    • Top three gifts for teens, moms, dog lovers, etc. 
    • New items of the week
    • Restock alerts 
    • Facebook LIVE recaps (where you’ve promoted a product)
  3. Don’t give your customers too many options. 
    • Eliminate decision fatigue. 
    • Make it easy for them to buy. 
  4. Focus each email on its giftability.
    • Show an image of it folded neatly with a bow around it
    • Show an image of the product peeking out of a box with a gift tag
    • Create gift sets or bundles
    • Who is this product for? 
    • Take an everyday item and make it giftable 


The key to success is not to overthink it. These emails should be short on copy and get right to the point. Include great images and a clear call to action. Follow up your email with social media posts to match and send a text to your text list! 

Join me for this episode as I share four simple ways you can leverage email marketing to bring more revenue into your business during the 4th quarter. More emails equals more sales. It’s time to get to work! 

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