How My Lazy Launch Doubled My Subscribers | EP 131

launch podcast Aug 16, 2023

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Are your subscriber numbers dwindling? Do you need to do something to keep your numbers up but don’t have the capacity to do a full-blown launch? 

I found myself in this exact situation. My subscriber numbers for my “baby” subscription, Tees 4 Teachers, had been decreasing since the beginning of the year. I knew I needed to do something, but when I looked at my year, this is what I saw: 

  • April - Monogram Box Launch 
  • May - SubSummit 
  • June - Big Coaching Week Launch for Launch Your Box 
  • August - Launching a New Course
  • September - Launching a New Membership 

That left July. July is right before back to school, making it the perfect time to launch Tees 4 Teachers. I knew I did not have the bandwidth to show up in a launch the way I’d need to. But I didn’t want to not launch. 

What could I do? Was there a way I could launch and make it EASY and less taxing on me? 

I knew I could drive a lot of traffic and sales through paid ads. (Listen to episode 130 to hear about how paid ads helped me have my biggest launch ever earlier this year). If I could use ads effectively to sell my teacher tee subscription, that would eliminate the need to do a lot of LIVEs, send a ton of emails, and do all my usual launch activities. 


So, what exactly would this “lazy launch” look like? I needed a plan. 

  • Instead of an intense launch, I decided to run a two-week lazy launch. 
    • This would give my ads time to work and gain momentum. 
  • I created an Early Bird Bonus/Launch Bonus but made it good for the entire two weeks. 
    • This bonus went to all current members and all new members. 
  • Week One
    • Started ads and made an announcement post
    • Posted about Tees 4 Teachers once a day. 
  • Week Two
    • Did 1 LIVE
    • Sent 2 emails
    • Posted about nothing but Tees 4 Teachers for the last 4 days 

My results? I closed cart with 201 subscribers. I doubled my subscription with minimal effort! 


What did it take to double my subscriber count? 

  1. Launch Bonus
  • A tote bag with a cute teacher saying gave them a reason to buy now.
  1. New, Cute T-Shirt Design
  • My designs are always cute, but I made sure this one was extra special. 
  1. Ad Spend - $2000
  • Revenue generated from these 97 new subscribers was $2100. I will be profitable next month and every month thereafter. 
  • On average, my teacher subscribers stay for 11 months, giving me 10 months of profit from each of them. 


When I looked at the data - and you should ALWAYS look at the data, I discovered some interesting things: 

  • 92% of the traffic I sent to the sales page came from Facebook Ads. 
  • 78% of all my new subscribers came directly from Facebook Ads. 
  • For 82% of my subscribers, this was their first purchase from me. 
    • Think about how many other things I can sell to them - and even upsell some of them to my $79 subscription! 


The biggest eye-opener for me? On average, I get 200-300 views on my Tees 4 Teachers sales page. When I ran paid ads for this “lazy launch,” I 10X’d those views and my conversion rate was the same - 3%. 

  • 3% of 300 views is 9 new members. 
  • 3% of 3000 views is 90 new members. 


My advice for you, especially if you’re facing a subscription with dwindling numbers?

  • When you NEED to launch, launch! 
  • Figure out what you have the capacity for and make it work. 
  • It doesn’t have to be perfect, but you do need to take action. 
  • Don’t just wing it - create a plan and work that plan! 


Join me for this episode as I walk you through how I doubled my dwindling subscription with a lazy launch! 


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