How Do I Introduce My Subscription Box to My Audience? | Episode 71

audience building interviews podcast May 25, 2022


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Welcome to episode six of my eight-part series on the podcast called, “Ask Sarah.” Each week, I answer a question from inside my Launch Your Box coaching membership

This week BreeAnna Holden of Holden Keepsakes is here to talk about how to introduce her subscription box to the audience she has built for her online product-based business. 

BreeAnna is an OG member of Launch Your Box. That means she has been inside my coaching membership for almost two years. But, she hasn’t launched her subscription box yet. She’s stuck. 

When she started her glitter tumbler business three years ago (and you HAVE to see the gorgeous tumblers she makes), BreeAnna was looking for a way to keep busy while her husband worked nights and to make a little extra income for her family. BreeAnna has dreamed of adding a subscription box for two years. She knows it will provide consistent, recurring revenue and allow her to plan her workload more effectively, allowing for more family time. 

So what’s standing in BreeAnna’s way? She has a great product that her customers love. As an OG member of Launch Your Box, she has learned all the things. She has seen so many others start, launch, and grow their own subscription boxes. So why hasn’t BreeAnna taken action on her subscription box dreams? Self-doubt, indecision, and social media. 

BreeAnna, like SO MANY women I talk to inside and outside my membership, struggles with self-doubt. She doubts herself and her ability to make this subscription box dream a reality. It’s important to realize that nearly everyone feels like this sometimes. I know I did. 

BreeAnna is also stuck, unable to decide what kind of box to offer her audience. She keeps going back and forth between a one item of the month box and a curated box. 

Social media engagement is a challenge for BreeAnna. She struggles to be consistent on social media and isn’t getting the engagement she needs. Without an actual box to share, she’s unsure how she should introduce the idea of a subscription box to her audience. 

BreeAnna and I talked through the things that have been holding her back. After talking through her mindset issues, I got practical and gave BreeAnna practical solutions to: 

  1. Re-engage her audience.   
  2. Plan six months' worth of boxes. 
  3. Choose a launch date and create a pre-launch plan. 

Once we talked through everything and BreeAnna had a plan for moving forward, I could hear the lightness in her voice. She committed to a launch date of July 14th and has a plan to get there with an engaged, excited audience.  

Join me for this episode as BreeAnna and I talk about what holds so many of us back from taking action - self-doubt. I know you’ll relate to BreeAnna’s story and take away inspiration and practical advice to help you take action toward achieving your own subscription box dreams. 


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