From Bakery to Food Truck to Subscription Box Owner | EP 122

interviews podcast May 31, 2023

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Launching a subscription box is only one piece of the puzzle. After you’ve launched, your focus shifts to growth. But what happens if months go by and you’re just not growing?  

That’s what happened to Kimberly of the Frosted Cakery. After growing up learning to bake from her grandmother, the OG Cake Lady, this Iowa farmgirl and military spouse started a home-based baking business that became famous within the military community. Kimberly tells stories of getting orders before she’d even had a chance to finish unpacking in a new city. 

Kimberly had a brick-and-mortar bakery for a time, but when it was forced to close due to COVID, she brought her baking back home. When her husband retired from the military, Kimberly thought about taking a break from baking, but the demand was still there. She started baking for her brother’s cafe as well as filling orders from home. Instead of a permanent location, Kimberly also fulfilled her dream of a small-scale food truck. She and her husband renovated the cutest vintage 10-foot camper. Kimberly takes it to local farmer’s markets - there are a LOT of farmer’s markets in Iowa - selling her delicious cupcakes. 

Kimberly realized time stood in the way of her being able to truly scale. There are only so many cupcakes, cakes, cookies, and bars one person can bake. She didn’t want to hire a team and she thought she didn’t want to do a subscription box either. Until she found me! 

Kimberly started listening to this very podcast and following me on social media. She quickly saw the possibilities of a subscription box for her business and decided a biscotti box was the way to go. 

Kimberly launched in the fall of 2022 and, despite last-minute packaging challenges, had a successful launch that resulted in 14 subscribers. She left her subscription open and continued to work to grow that number. But growth was very slow. 

When she learned about my 30 Days to Launch Masterclass, Kimberly saw an opportunity to re-launch her subscription and she jumped right in. Kimberly LOVED having a very specific plan to follow that included: 

  • What to post on social media
  • What emails to send
  • When to run a giveaway

After putting the 30 Days to Launch plan into practice, Kimberly doubled her number of subscribers! Kimberly was able to accomplish in 30 days what she hadn’t been able to in 4 months - growth! 

What’s next for Kimberly? She is now operating under a closed cart model while she gets a true sense of just how many subscribers she can handle. When she’s ready to launch again, she’ll follow the same process. 

Between now and her next launch, Kimberly needs to drive traffic to her waitlist. She’ll use it to fill any cancellations and build a list of people who will be ready and waiting to get in on the Biscotti Box! 

Join me for this episode as Kimberly and I talk about her journey from bakery to food truck to subscription box owner. Her story will inspire you - and probably make you hungry!  

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