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Have you been wondering when the best time is to finally start your subscription box? This week I’m joined by Molly Young, founder of the Blue Lotus Intentions box to talk about how she followed her heart and launched as soon as it was possible.

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When working up to launching your box, you need to have the essentials down. You can’t launch without having an idea, curated items for your box, and most of all, subscribers to send your box to. But after that, when is the right time to launch?

You might be asking how many subscribers you should hold out for, or if launching on a holiday would have the most impact.


From a One-Time Idea to a Full Subscription 


Molly had an idea for a box, but at first, envisioned it as a one-time thing. It wasn’t until she signed up for my $10 Coaching Week that she was able to see that not only was a subscription box a better fit for her idea, but that it was possible at all.

It turned out that $10 commitment was just the boost that she needed. She started reaching out to suppliers and ordering in bulk, ready to boost her own estimates for how many boxes she would start out with.

By the end of Coaching Week, she had her first orders on the way, built her website, and already had a waitlist of members to send boxes to.

For her first launch, she decided on a one-time shipment to get her box out before Christmas and when all was said and done, she sent out 50 boxes with a further 18 subscribed for a January box as well!

As we speak, going into March she’s been steadily increasing her numbers to 40 subscribers for her Blue Lotus Intentions box.

Molly's story shows that there’s more than one way to start your subscription box. Once she had the basics taken care of, she shipped it out and started prepping for the next one. She had the confidence to get started once she was ready, and the willingness to build on that first launch to start her business.


“I think these things that are in our hearts, sometimes fear gets in the way of that. Just jump in and go for it, before your mind realizes this may or may not be possible, the wheels are already in motion.” – Molly


If you have an idea you feel passionate about, the perfect time to get started is right now. Take that idea and run with it, and just keep telling yourself it’s go time!

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