Getting Started on Your Subscription Box Dreams | Episode 63

getting started podcast Mar 30, 2022
Getting Started on Your Subscription Box Dreams



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 “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't – you're right.” - Henry Ford.

 You’ve dreamed about starting a subscription box and now you’re ready to take action and start making those dreams come true. So where should you start? 

It’s easy to get caught up in the fun parts - products and packaging. And you absolutely need those in place, but spending too much time designing custom boxes or sourcing products for future boxes takes time away from what you need to be doing right now. 

If you’re just getting started, make sure to go through my FREE 6 in 60 Workshop where you’ll curate six months' worth of boxes for your ideal customer. This workshop guides you through getting clear about who your ideal customer is and the type of experience you want to provide for them. 


Then it’s time to move on to the four areas where you need to focus your time and energy now.  

  1. Audience building - soooo important. 
    • Start yesterday!
    • Serve before selling - Listen to episodes 33 and 45!!
    • Not easy, but necessary!
  2. Marketing
    • Create awareness of who you are and what you sell. 
    • Emails, texts, posts, stories, short videos, LIVES, paid Ads
  3. Tech - you need four things in place. 
    • Website
    • Payment processor
    • Shipping software
    • CRM - email platform
  4. Mindset - the MOST important!
    • We tell ourselves we can’t do something more often than we tell ourselves we can. 
    • Believe in abundance. 
    • Embrace your imperfections. 
    • Operate with a glass-half-full mentality. 


Are you ready to get started on turning your subscription box dreams into reality? In today’s episode, I talk about the four areas you need to focus your time and energy FIRST.  Now is the time to “think you can!” Come listen!


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