What Can a Fulfillment Center Do for My Subscription Box Business? with Lessgistics | Episode 61

interviews podcast Mar 16, 2022



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Imagine what you could do with the time you saved if someone else handled the fulfillment of your subscription box. 

As your subscription box business grows, you find yourself spending more and more time actually fulfilling those subscriptions. Packing and shipping the boxes takes time. Time you could be spending ON your business. Is there another option? 

Ryan Culver of Lessgistics joined me for today’s episode to answer that question. Ryan is a wealth of information and did an amazing job explaining what a fulfillment center is, the costs involved, and whether a fulfillment center could be the right choice for your subscription box business. 

Benefits of using a fulfillment center include:

  • Getting time back - allowing you to work on your business instead of in your business. 
  • Not being responsible for managing a team - the people packing your boxes are managed by the fulfillment center. 
  • Not having to be there when shipments arrive - the fulfillment center receives shipments from your vendors. 
  • Taking advantage of the fulfillment center’s access to deeply discounted shipping charges - the money you’ll save on shipping offsets the cost of fulfillment. 
  • Someone else does the actual packing! 

At Lessgistics, Ryan and his team work with subscription box owners as partners. A subscription box owner himself, Ryan understands the importance of providing your subscribers with a well-thought-out experience. He is dedicated to partnering and communicating closely with his subscription box owner clients. As he says, “You want someone you know and trust to touch your baby.”  

Ryan and I talked about the costs of renting your own warehouse space vs. using a fulfillment center and the pros and cons of each. He walked me through the costs involved and what factors you should consider when deciding if a fulfillment center is right for your subscription box business. 

Join me for this episode as Ryan guides us through the process of working with a fulfillment center and the surprising ways you can save money while letting someone else handle the packing and shipping each month!    


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