Building an Audience: One Rhinestone at a Time | Episode 60

audience building interviews podcast Mar 09, 2022



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It’s important to know yourself. To know what you love, what lights you up inside, what sets you apart. Ask Launch Your Box member Stephanie Russell of Bling Owl Creations what sets her apart and she’ll tell you… she’s extra! 

See, Stephanie was a pageant mom. She’s also a baseball mom. You may think those two roles don’t have much in common. You’d be wrong. Because Stephanie isn’t your average baseball mom. She’s extra. She brings the bling she LOVES so much to the ballfield… every practice and every game. 

It’s that love for bling AND baseball that led Stephanie to start a subscription box for baseball moms. Moms like her who want to show their love for their children and the sport they play with some seriously blinged-out baseball wear! 

Stephanie joined me for today’s episode to talk about her journey to launching and growing her subscription box. 

When I first met Stephanie inside my Coaching Week, her idea for a subscription box was broad. She knew her box would be for women and that it would be all about the bling. But she was hesitant to get more specific with her ideal customer. 

We talked through that hesitation. I asked Stephanie the same three questions I ask so many new subscription box owners. 

  1. What are you known for? 
  2. What are you experienced with? 
  3. What do you love? 

The answers to those questions led Stephanie to realize that combining her loves for bling and being a baseball mom was the answer. That was her niche. And like I always say, the riches are in the niches. The fact that Stephanie realized success she didn’t even know was possible in the first year of having her subscription box proves just how true that is. 

Stephanie and I talked about some things she can do to continue to grow her business. We talked about Facebook Ads - narrowing down her targets and running a different kind of ad, and how writing a blog can provide nearly endless opportunities for generating content and organic traffic.  

Join me for this episode as Stephanie takes us through her subscription box journey. Get ready to find out what it takes to go from idea to launch to two successful, growing subscription boxes. And how much more fun everything can be when you add bling!    


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