Packed with Love: Turning a Bakery into a Subscription Box with Jonica's Bakery Box | EP 59

interviews podcast Mar 02, 2022



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Imagine a box of incredibly delicious baked goods arriving on your doorstep every month. Baked goods that are the stuff of dreams…

That’s the experience Jonica Thompson provides to her subscribers. Carefully curated, impeccably packed and shipped, and OMG so, so good baked goods! Jonica sent me one of her boxes for a recent Box Opening inside Launch Your Box and let’s just say my Warehouse team and I were in heaven. 

I invited Jonica to join me on the podcast to do more than just talk about mouthwatering baked goods. Rather, I wanted her to share her story and to be a source not only of inspiration but of information to you. We get a LOT of questions inside Launch Your Box about shipping perishable goods. 

Our interview ended up being even more fantastic than I thought it would be. Jonica shared the story of her bakery. Her current bakery is not her first attempt at starting a bakery business. And it’s not her second attempt. No, Jonica faced adversity, life challenges, and self-doubt. 

Jonica didn’t let setbacks put an end to her dreams. Instead, she kept baking and waited until the time was right. She has a thriving bakery business and now also has a growing subscription box. 

When it was time to add a subscription box to her business, Jonica knew she could provide an outstanding product and an outstanding experience. The one thing she didn’t know was how to pack and ship her products so they would arrive fresh and undamaged. 

Jonica did research. A LOT of research. And she conducted tests. The kind of tests where she shipped boxes around the country using various types of packing materials. 

The result? 

A subscription box that arrives on the doorsteps of her subscribers filled with fresh, undamaged, absolutely scrumptious baked goods. 

If you’ve ever thought about including perishable items in your subscription box or if you’ve found yourself needing to start over, this is a can’t-miss episode. 

Join me for this episode as Jonica takes us through her journey from self-doubt to thriving bakery and subscription box owner. Get ready to find out the answers to more questions than you’ve ever thought to ask about shipping perishable goods, and learn the value of research and testing, testing, testing when trying something new!    


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