3 Email Automations Every Subscription Box Owner Needs | Episode 46

email marketing getting started podcast Dec 01, 2021


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What if I told you writing six simple emails once could bring ongoing revenue into your subscription box business? 

There are three email automations (also called flows or sequences)every subscription box owner needs to have in place. Write these once and they’ll work for you for a long time. 

If you’ve listened to my podcast, seen me on social media, or read my blog, you know I like to keep things simple but effective. That’s why I recommend that each automation needs to be only two emails. 


The three types of email automations you need are: 

  1. Waitlist flow. 
  2. New subscriber flow. 
  3. Abandoned cart flow. 


Each email has a purpose. Each email contains a call to action. Each email needs to connect with your audience, engage them, and encourage them to take action. 

These email automations - plus the bonus automation I tell you more about in this episode - account for a full 5% of my monthly revenue. 5%! That’s a lot of revenue coming into my business that requires no work from me. I wrote the emails once and they keep working for me… month after month. 

Join me for this episode as I share more details about each of the three types of email automations you need to put in place right now. Learn what to put in each email and how to write subject lines that get noticed. 


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