Journey from One-Time Boxes to a Thriving Monthly Subscription | Episode 45

getting started podcast Nov 24, 2021



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Have you ever wondered what would happen if you served your audience first? 


Today I’m excited to introduce you to Kristy Bottle, Scale Your Box member and owner of Kristy’s Craft Room. I hope Kristy’s story inspires you to get creative, serve your audience with a generous heart, and have the courage to take chances. 


Kristy is a dedicated crafter who decided to take the crafting parties she hosted in her home and move them online. The Kristy’s Craft Room page on Facebook was born and Kristy started crafting live a few times each week. Her audience grew quickly as she shared cute crafts, answered questions, and interacted with her audience.  


Kristy spent time getting to know her audience and serving them by sharing her love of crafts and giving them a place to connect. Soon they started asking her to sell kits containing the supplies for the projects she was working on. They wanted Kristy to sell to them. So she did. 


Kristy started with one-time boxes that her audience could purchase. Once she noticed the same people were buying multiple kits, the idea for a subscription was born. Despite not knowing how to do all the things, Kristy jumped in and had the courage to do it messy. She didn’t shy away from unfamiliar technology and used text message marketing to increase sales. 


The subscription grew quickly, selling out each time more slots were added. Kristy wanted to see how far this could go and knew she needed help to continue to grow. It was right about then that we met and Kristy became one of the first members of my Scale Your Box group, where subscription box owners who already have successful subscriptions learn how to take them to the next level. 


The Kristy’s Craft Box subscription has grown from just over 300 subscribers to more than 600 subscribers in the last four months! What she originally hoped would be a business that allowed her to quit her full-time job and spend more time with her family has grown into a business that supports her entire family. Kristy’s husband recently left his career to join the team full-time! 


There is so much to learn from and be inspired by in this episode. We talk about what can happen when you serve your audience first. Kristy also shares how important the connections made inside her community are to her members - and to her. The rapid growth of Kristy’s subscription business has been exciting to see - I know you’ll be inspired when you hear her tell her story. 


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