A Week with Sarah | Episode 40

podcast Oct 20, 2021



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Have you ever wondered what a typical week looks like for me?

I get that question a lot and truly, there is no such thing as typical. Every week brings its own set of challenges and surprises, but I have developed a schedule to help me meet one major goal.

Leaving work by 3 PM.

I have two teenagers. And in addition to driving them to all the places for all the things, I want to be home for them. They’re getting older and my years with them at home are growing short. So… I set up my weeks to give me the best chance at leaving every day by 3:00.

Here’s a quick peek inside this week.



  • Caught up from the weekend
  • Responded to emails
  • Answered questions in groups
  • Warehouse team meeting - planned for the week
  • Planned Launch Your Box schedule
  • Reviewed content schedule


Tuesday (Got a lot done - yay!):

  • Teacher subscription box went out
  • Box prep for monogram subscription
  • Started planning gift box launch
  • Answered questions in groups
  • Worked on blog content
  • Ordered product


Wednesday (half day):

  • Worked alone - creative time
    • Designed new teacher tee
    • Design November tee
  • Self-care – got nails done!



  • Continued monogramming t-shirts
  • Looked at subscription timelines – adjusted work schedules
  • Started organizing sizes and bagging t-shirt for subscriptions



  • LIVES! – got my hair done
  • Continued preparing to launch Coaching
  • Week Looked at hiring needs


Join me for this episode and walk with me through a week inside my subscription box business. You’ll come away with ideas about batching work, discovering your best time for deep work, and working with a team!


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