From Nurse Practitioner to Subscription Box Owner | Episode 38

interviews podcast Oct 06, 2021



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“You can’t just put it out there and it works.” - Pam Rodgers


Today’s episode is packed with so many golden nuggets!

I’m super excited to introduce you to a member of Launch Your Box!

Pam Rodgers is a Nurse Practitioner, which means her full-time job is absolutely nuts right now. Pam decided her career in medicine wasn’t keeping her busy enough and turned a love for nail polish into a home-based business.

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As a child and again as a nursing student, Pam took her stress out on her fingernails. She found that by keeping her nails painted, she didn’t bite or pick at them. When Pam couldn’t find the unique colors she wanted, she started creating custom nail polish in her basement “lab.” Stella Chroma - her artisan nail lacquer and hand care company - was born.

Pam introduced a nail polish subscription - the Monthly Mystery Subscription. Subscribers received an exclusive nail polish color each month. She started with 14 subscribers and realized she needed to do something in order to grow.

Pam happened to learn about Launch Your Box right before we kicked off Coaching Week in March. She jumped into Coaching Week with both feet and joined Launch Your Box.

Pam quickly grew her Monthly Mystery Subscription to 85 subscribers! But that’s not all. During Coaching Week, Pam was inspired to create another subscription. One that had nothing to do with nail polish.

As a hard-working NP, Pam realized there were no subscription boxes just for her and her colleagues. There were boxes for nurses and boxes for doctors. But nothing for Nurse Practitioners.

The idea for The Nurse Practitioner Subscription Box was born. There was only one problem. Pam had no audience. Yet. She quickly created a presence on all the channels and got to work.

And when it came time to launch - Pam sold out her subscription in TWO HOURS! You are going to want to hear the creative ways Pam built her audience, connecting with people just like her.

💗 Sarah

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