From an Audience of Zero to 100 Subscribers in 60 Days | Episode 31

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This week I’m speaking with Claudia Ramos, founder of, about her unique story: how she went from having a box, to shutting it down, to launching a brand-new box and building to 100 subscribers in 60 days.

How’s that for an attention-getting headline!  We talked about what she did to achieve this and how engaging with your audience is so important to building your subscriber base.

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From Zero to Subscription Hero


Claudia had initially started off with another box related to her work as an independent designer with a crafting company. By the time she was informed by corporate that she wasn’t allowed to have a box associated with the company, she had already gotten a taste of the recurring revenue that a subscription box is known for.


“It was two months of ‘Wow, this money hit my bank on the first of the month.’ And I know that this can be something great. So, I had to pivot, and I had to do it quickly because I didn't want to lose that momentum.”


Claudia acted quickly. She already had an idea for a new box, one geared toward teachers, and since it was June she was on a timeline to build an audience for the box and release it at the start of the school year.


"So, I started with brand new social media, Facebook, Instagram. I'm not very Instagram savvy, my primary social media platform is Facebook, and I'm very comfortable with it. I'm going to start from zero and I'm going to start posting. I listened to your podcast and your training about reels, and I started doing them, and I felt silly. I felt like, this isn't gonna work. But what they did, you know, one of my reels got over 10,000 views.”


She trusted in herself and her brand enough to know that the audience would come to her if she was active with it.

She stepped out of her comfort zone and worked hard to build her audience in time for her launch and was able to end up with over 100 subscribers by the time school started.

It’s all about getting in front of your audience and really showing them you and what you’re an expert in and building those enthusiastic fans that are going to push you towards wild success.


You can find Claudia and her Tee(Cher) Box on Instagram at: 


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