A Journey from Self Doubt to 1000 Subscribers | Episode 30

getting started interviews podcast Aug 11, 2021


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There is so much that can get in the way of our journey to success, but nothing stops us more than the doubt we put on ourselves. We all have pitfalls in our past and struggles in our present that threaten to make us think less of ourselves, especially when we’re trying to create something and share it with the world.

The truth is that all the parts of our past, the good and the bad, are just parts of the story that makes us unique and helps us to be successful, not only as entrepreneurs but also at living our lives to the fullest.

That’s what Lo Hixson realized when she created her Passion & Growth box and she’s my guest this week to tell her story from self-doubt to success!

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Living Our Stories

Lo’s story begins right at her birth when she was born with a tumor on the right side of her face. She came from a place where from the very start, the world seemed like it was ready to box her in with doubts about herself and who she was.

“So, from a very young age, I felt like that was my story. My story was written, I felt like before I could even talk like I was this baby who had this tumor who had surgery and had a deformity from a very young age.”

It took her a long time and many procedures to finally come to grip with this side of herself, and when she finally was ready to move on she threw herself into it.

“That was kind of a line in the sand that I drew that I was like, enough is enough. I've personally been through a lot with this, I am ready to start accepting that, this is okay. It's a part of me, and I've been through a lot. And there's a new journey that has to start here.”

She became a nurse, to help others through the same thing she had struggled with but continued and came up with the idea for a subscription box based on empowerment and self-love to share what she had learned from her own story.

“I said, I’m made for more. I don't know what that looks like yet, but I know that I'm put here to do more than what I've been doing. I have struggled with so much and all of us have our struggles and our trauma, and the things that are holding us back.”

Lo’s story is about overcoming the obstacles life can set in the way for us and rising above them to accomplish great things.

Your story is what makes you unique and that’s why you’re the perfect person to bring something new into the world, to create your own business that shows off what beautiful thing that makes you one of a kind.


You can find Lo and her Passion & Growth box at: https://passionandgrowth.com/ or on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/passionandgrowth/ 


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