Inventor, Patent Holder, and Subscription Box Owner | Episode 27

getting started interviews podcast Jul 26, 2021


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Subscription Box owners come in all shapes and sizes, with all kinds of different products imaginable. The Creative Soul Box is no exception, with its owner Julianna “Jewel” Avelar not only curating a box with different jewel projects every month but also creating and patenting the loom used to create the jewelry. She joined me this week to talk a little about her journey from working alongside creative people to developing her own creative business.

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“The Mother of Invention”


Jewel herself learned how to use bead looms and worked in the crafting industry for years before coming up with the idea for the Jewel Loom. She went through the process of design, cataloging, and worked through the paperwork to properly copyright it, and was able to get it into crafting stores across the nation.

“I had all my ducks in a row, though. I had the CAD drawing that went to the patent attorney, and I knew I had to have a good patent attorney. So, I hired an attorney, and we went through all of his investigating, and he then said this is how I think we should approach this.”

Jewel started her journey thinking of a new way to do things that were more efficient. We talk frequently about being the expert in your field, someone who knows your product or craft inside and out. Coming up with a new way to do things is a surefire way of getting that credibility!


Expanding Her Line and Starting a Subscription Box


Jewel would go on to come up with further loom ideas but also found that she could further engage with her audience by starting a subscription box.

With the Creative Soul Box, she connects directly with her customer base and gives them new ideas on how to use her products. She’s also finding that the audience feedback has been so positive, and it’s that added boost that we as creative entrepreneurs can really affect the world around us and keep us positive through those highs and lows that life might throw at us.

“It's a blessing, and I'm so grateful. Every morning I wake up and see what people are creating on the Jewel Loom and I just flip out. It's super amazing to know that people take your product and express themselves with it, and I think that's just a huge gift. I don't take it for granted at all.”

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