Creating SEO Friendly Content for Your Subscription Box Business | EP 107

interviews podcast seo Feb 01, 2023


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“SEO doesn’t have any fuel without content.” - Sarah Williams


How do you get your stuff in front of people right when they’re looking for it? The answer, in part, is SEO. I brought a special guest to the podcast to talk about how and why to create SEO content for our subscription box businesses. 

Crystal Waddell is an e-commerce seller and content creator. She’s also one of the hosts of The Smart and Simple SEO Show, a podcast that does its best to make SEO easy for online entrepreneurs to understand and implement. 

We discussed the importance of not just creating content, but creating good, relevant content. Content that serves your audience. 

Get clear on your answer to the question, “What do I want to be known for?” and then create content that allows you to be your own best advocate. Your goal is to create content for your ideal customer before they need you so that when they’re ready to buy, you’re the obvious choice.  

So what kind of content do you need to create in order to optimize SEO on your website? Blogs are a great way to establish your authority and serve your customer. But they’re not the only way.


Other types of SEO friendly content include: 

  • YouTube Videos
  • How to Guides or Tutorials
  • Checklists
  • Customer Testimonials or Reviews
  • Product Descriptions
  • Image File Names


Remember, when it comes to SEO, every word counts. Make sure you’re using words that make it clear who you are, what you sell, and who you’re for! 

The smartest place to put your content is on your own website - after all, that’s where you want your audience to end up - followed by evergreen platforms like Pinterest. Did you know that Pinterest is my #2 source of traffic for my retail business? 

Join me for this episode where Crystal and I talk about how you can use content to drive SEO traffic to your website and she reveals which keyword planner is her favorite. 

Tools and Resources Crystal Mentioned: 


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