Creating a One-Thing of the Month Subscription | EP 99

podcast Dec 07, 2022


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Have you considered starting with a one-thing of the month subscription? You should. Why do I say that? Well, my one-thing of the month subscription is easier to manage and more profitable than my fully curated subscription box. And my one-thing of the month subscription has almost double the number of subscribers as my larger, more expensive box. 

When people start thinking about starting a subscription box, they think about a fully curated box. They dream about the experience they’ll provide their subscribers with all the little touches and a box filled with items that complement each other. 

But soon, overwhelm sets in. Creating that fully curated experience with all the little touches takes a LOT of work. And all that work and all that overwhelm can turn into not making progress. 


Instead of starting with a fully curated box, think about starting with one thing. There are several benefits to starting a one-thing of the month subscription. A one-thing of the month subscription: 

  • Has the lowest barrier to getting started.
    • Fewer vendors to work with.
    • Lower start-up funds.
    • Packaging that is simple and the same each month! 
  • Is easier to fulfill and ship. 
  • Has the potential for higher profit margins. 


Brainstorm what your one item could be by asking yourself:  

  • What is your best-selling item? 
  • What do people repeatedly buy? 
  • What do people constantly ask you for more of? 


Your one-thing of the month could be: 

  • Something fun - a no-frills way for subscribers to treat themselves. 
  • Something consumable - subscribers never run out!


So many Launch Your Box members have wildly successful one-thing of the month subscriptions. Some of the “one things” their happy subscribers receive include: 

  • T-shirts
  • Candles
  • Pizzelles
  • Nail polish
  • Earrings
  • Door hangers
  • Washi tape


Start brainstorming what you can turn into a one-thing of the month subscription and move one step closer to launching your subscription.  

How does a subscription that’s easier to manage and more profitable sound? Join me for this episode to learn more about why you should consider starting a one-thing of the month subscription. 


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