Building a Lead Magnet Funnel | EP 114

marketing podcast Mar 22, 2023


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It all starts with driving traffic and capturing leads. You can’t have a successful subscription box launch without traffic and leads. That’s why we made traffic and leads the focus inside Launch Your Box for the first quarter. 

In episode 112 I talked about how I used three different lead magnets to build and grow my second business to more than $100,000 in monthly recurring revenue. In other words, they work! In this episode, I’m going deeper into lead magnets and showing you how to build a lead magnet funnel. 


Top of the funnel -this is the largest part of the funnel. Your goal is to collect as many leads as possible. Start with a free offer, giving your audience something of value. 

  • Freebie or low-dollar lead magnet.
  • Ads to targeted interests going to cold and warm audiences.
  • Make sure your lead magnet is niched down so you don’t waste time and money on unqualified leads.  
  • The goal is to capture leads and get them on your email list. 

Opt-in -the lead has given you their email and now they move to the middle of the funnel. 

  • When someone submits their email address, they are sent to a thank you page. Include an upsell offer along with the link to get their freebie. 
  • This upsell should be an inexpensive offer that gives them even more value than the freebie. 
  • The goal at this stage in the funnel is to get them to make a purchase. 

Once someone has reached the middle of your funnel, they’ve received value from you, they’ve made a small purchase, and now the goal shifts to getting them to purchase your main offer. For subscription box owners, this means our recurring revenue product, our subscription boxes. 

Now it’s time to put email marketing to work for you. Set up an email automation that is kicked off when someone opts in. Keep it simple or more detailed - the choice is yours. 

  • Simple sequence - everyone gets the same sequence with all roads leading to becoming a subscriber. 
  • Detailed sequence - create two sequences - one for those who purchased the upsell and one for those who did not. 

Let’s walk through a simple email sequence. 

  • Email #1 - deliver the freebie and introduce your subscription box.
  • Email #2 - remind them to download the freebie and share the “why” behind your box with them.
  • Email #3 - is all about the box. Share social proof and pictures of past boxes. 

You can extend this sequence to five emails by including an email that offers a low dollar offer and adding an email with anadditional offer to join at the end. 

If someone subscribes at any point during this email flow, the sequence stops and they’ll continue to get nurtured in your weekly email campaigns. 

You need to do FIVE things to create an effective lead magnet funnel. 

  1. Create the lead magnet.
  2. Create images for social media and ads. 
  3. Create two landing pages - one for the opt-in and one for the thank you/upsell page. 
  4. Create an embed form for the opt-in. 
  5. Write your emails and set up the sequences. 

Join me for this episode as I talk about the importance of having lead magnets continuously bringing leads into your business and the steps you need to take to build out a lead magnet funnel.  


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