Are Paid Ads Worth It? | EP 130

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“If you don’t have an ads budget, you still have a hobby business.” - Sarah Williams

Are paid ads part of your subscription box marketing strategy? If not, why not? You might be wondering if paid ads are worth it. Or you might be where I was in the early days of my business, worried about where you’re spending money and not understanding the value of running paid ads. 

Subscription box owners - especially new subscription box owners - hesitate to use paid ads for many reasons. 

  • They don’t understand the ROI from paid ads. Successful ads don’t always result in sales. 
  • They lack the knowledge to set up and run an ad campaign. 
  • They’re focusing only on organic growth strategies like SEO, content, and word of mouth. 
  • They fear failure - they may be uncertain of their goals or not know how to measure results. 

I first used paid ads when I realized I needed to do something else to grow outside of my local area. Organic traffic wasn’t enough. I had a great local business and my subscription box had grown - to a point. But almost all of my business came from local customers. In order to grow, I needed to run ads. Within just six months, the 3,000 followers it had taken me 4-5 years to gain had grown to 7,000 and I was getting subscribers from all over the country. 

Paid ads are such an important part of launching and growing a subscription box business. If you want to grow, you need to continue to drive traffic - new traffic - to your content. 

I’m challenging you to consider running paid ads. And I’m sharing actual data from my three recent launches and paid ads strategy to help you understand why you need to run paid ads. 


April 2023: Monogram Box™ Launch 

  • 64% of all traffic to my Monogram Box sales page came from ads. 
  • 45% of all traffic to my T-Shirt Club sales page came from ads. 
  • 30% of all sales came directly from the link in one of my ads. That means I gained hundreds of new subscribers from ads. 
  • My conversion rate from the traffic ads brought in to becoming a subscriber was 3%. 
  • My ads worked!

June 2023: Coaching Week & Launch Your Box Launch

  • 89% of all traffic to the Coaching Week sales page came from ads!
  • 71% of all sales of Coaching Week came directly from an ad link.
  • 27% conversion rate from Coaching Week into Launch Your Box membership.

July 2023: Tees 4 Teachers Subscription Launch

  • 92% of all traffic to my Tees 4 Teachers sales page came from ads.
  • 78% of all sales came from the ads, doubling my total subscriber count!


Are you starting to see the power paid ads can have in your business? It’s time to take action.


  1. Determine your budget.
    • No matter how small, you have to start somewhere!
    • If you’re currently selling products or services, use the 8-10% rule.  
      • 8-10% of your monthly gross revenue should be spent on advertising with a minimum budget of $150. 
    • If you’re not selling products and are on a limited budget, start with $150/month ($5/day) and increase it as you start selling products. 
  2. Create an Ads Strategy
    • What’s your goal?
      • Drive traffic to your site? Convert to subscribers? Build your list? Build your following?
    • What stage of business are you in?  
      • You should have a solid ad strategy for the different stages and seasons of business you are in.
  3. Test and Try 

Join me for this episode as we talk all about paid ads. Are they worth it?  Do they really make a difference? I answer those questions and share my paid ads results from my recent launches. There’s a lot to talk about in this episode. Grab your earbuds and come join me!


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