Affiliate Marketing for Your Subscription Box Business | EP 128

marketing podcast Jul 26, 2023

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Have you thought about adding affiliate marketing to your subscription box business but you’re not sure where to start? Are you wondering where to find good affiliates and how to manage them on the back end? This episode is for you! 

Today we’re diving into all things affiliate marketing for your subscription box business. I’ll explain how affiliate marketing can significantly boost your revenue, expand your customer base, and strengthen your subscription box brand. 

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy where brands reward individuals (affiliates) for marketing or driving traffic and sales to their services or products, including subscription boxes. This type of marketing is a win/win for both the brand and the affiliate. 

Wondering how affiliate marketing works? 

A subscription box owner creates an incentive (one-time or recurring) and generates specific links or codes for each affiliate to allow for accurate tracking. Each affiliate promotes that subscription box owner’s box on their own platforms to their own audiences. For every action taken (i.e., subscribing) the affiliate is paid the incentive. 

To get started: 

  • Identify what makes a good affiliate for your brand
    • Clearly define your ideal customer and niche and use affiliates who have the same person in their audience. 
    • Make sure any potential affiliate aligns with your beliefs and morals. 
  • Finding potential affiliates
    • Start with your subscribers - do any of them already have a following? 
    • Look at influencers who have the same ideal customer - bloggers, YouTubers, TikTokers, other content creators. 
    • Follow them, like and comment on their content, start building a relationship before approaching them about being an affiliate. 
  • Build an affiliate program that is a win/win for both parties
    • Define your commission structure. Options include: 
      • Recurring revenue share - what % of your profit? 
      • One time payment upon sign up. 
  • Set up affiliate software - I use Affiliately - and set up a payment schedule. 
  • Create assets for affiliates - make it easy for them to promote!
    • Email swipe files
    • Graphics with different formats
    • Social media captions
    • Schedules and timelines
    • Send links regularly

Affiliate marketing is an important part of my subscription box marketing strategy. In fact, in my recent launch (which happens to be my biggest launch ever), 22% of all sales came from my 5 affiliates! 

Join me for this episode as I walk you through how to use affiliate marketing in your subscription box business. Whether you’re a new subscription box entrepreneur or a seasoned pro, I have actionable takeaways for you!

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