7 Ways to Market Your Subscription Box Cost Effectively | EP 106

marketing podcast Jan 25, 2023


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Do you think growing your subscription means spending tons of money on ads? It doesn’t need to be that way! There are so many low and even no-cost ways to market and grow your subscription box business.  

The bottom line? You can’t rely on just one marketing channel or strategy. You need to build a multi-channel marketing plan, layering one type of marketing on top of another. Don’t worry - building this plan doesn’t have to be time-consuming or costly. 

I’m sharing seven cost-effective ways to market your subscription box business. But I don’t want you to try to implement all of them at the same time! If you’re just getting started, choose one, get consistent with it and then layer on another. If you’re already doing one or more of these, choose another one to add to your marketing plan. 


  1.  Leverage social media. 
    • These accounts are FREE. 
    • Figure out where your ideal customer is and start there. 
    • Have FUN with it. Get social - serve and engage with your audience. 
  2. Influencer or affiliate marketing. 
    • Partner with micro-influencers in your space. 
    • Offering affiliate commissions is super cost-effective - you don’t pay them unless they sell something for you. 
  3. Email marketing. 
    • Very inexpensive. 
    • Still a very effective way to reach your audience. 
    • How will you get people onto your email list? 
    • How will you market to them once they’re on your list? 
  4. Content marketing.
    • Blogs, videos, eBooks, etc. 
    • Create valuable content to attract your ideal person. 
  5. Customer reviews.
    • Word of mouth is so powerful! 
  6. In person events. 
    • Where does your ideal customer go? Farmers Markets, expos, shopping events, etc. 
  7. Build an online community. 
    • It’s not about the stuff - it’s about the people. 
    • A strong community creates raving fans - the kind that market your subscription for you!


Take one of these ideas and build it into your routine. Get comfortable and consistent with it. Then layer in another strategy. Continue to grow your audience, reach more of the right people, and ultimately gain new subscribers. 

You can’t rely on one marketing channel or strategy. And you don’t need to spend a lot of money on ads to market effectively. Join me for this episode as I take you through seven cost-effective ways to market your subscription box. 


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